A fast WordPress is needed now days. A fast WordPress can create a comfort for the visitors who visit the website. So here we will tell how you can speed up your WordPress by following the 8 tips. First tell us tell you that why a fast WordPress website is important?

Why a fast WordPress website is important

  1. Well if we see the Google which is the search engine place the websites which loads faster in higher place in search so if you want that many visitors visits your website than it is needed to fast your WordPress website. 
  2. If your websites takes more than 2 seconds to load than approximately 45% of the visitors leave your website and start visiting the new site. 

What does the website speed depends on?

It mainly depends on the:

  • Size of your page
  • What content is present on the page
  • Whether the page on the website cached or not

8 tips to increase the speed of your WordPress website

  • Choose the right web hosting partner

WordPress also offers hosting and the cheapest hosting offers. Multiple websites also share server’s resources. If someone is using more resources the website of yours become slow due to more use of resources by the other consumer. If the website is unavailable it means there are other problems then hacking. 

  • Use a lightweight WordPress theme  or frame work

Many beautiful designs of themes are available in WordPress. Many themes are equipped with widgets, sliders and other element. These elements have the relevance for the speed of your website. So choose the lightweight theme and select carefully with these elements. The standard theme is light weight you can use this. 

  • Pay attention to the size of your image

Images in the pages can increase the size of the file of the page. We suggest you to upload the smaller size images in the page. You can also take help from the free WordPress plugin WP SMUSH for this. 

  • Minimize your JavaScript and CSS files

We suggest you to minimize your JavaScript and CSS files. You can minimize this by using Google Guidelines. You can also use autoptimize. This can compresses the JavaScript and CSS files.  

  • Use a cache plugin

This plugin creates the version of the page which is ready made. This ensures that the page will load faster and the visitor can open the page in no time. Some wonderful cache plugin are W3 total cache and WP super cache. 

  • Keep your data base clean

We recommend you to store data as less as you can in your data base. By doing this your websites will load faster.

  • Remove unused plugin

Remove or deactivate the plug in which you were not using for a while this will ensure less backup and this way the server takes less time to backup.

  • Use as few external scripts as possible

Use few external scripts can load your page faster. We recommend you to use only essential scripts just like Google Analytics. 

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