Billions of people have the smartphones in their daily use. Smartphone become one of the important things in the daily life. Everyone uses the smartphone according to their interest. Some have phones for seeking entertainment and pleasure while some use to get some knowledge or to do some kind of their work. So we can say that the smartphones are much closer to us physically.

A lot work we do in our day by using of our hands. Mostly our hands get dirty but we don’t take this seriously. Before taking the meal we wash our hands to eat the meal because if we don’t do this we can allow the germs to enter in our body. In case of smartphones we touch the screen many times in a day.

The germs may there to harm us. Many germs may attach with the screen of the phone because we usually don’t care about this. When we attend the phone call our phone was closer to our ear or face so chances of germs to attacked on our body is here.  So the better way is to clean your smartphone screen to avoid germs because this small thing can harm you. Usually the germs in the screen don’t stay much due to the heat produced by the device. 

Cleaning material:

Many excellent cleaning substances are available for cleaning. We suggest you to use the microfiber fabric which is most efficient in collecting the dirt from the screen of your phone.  You can also use the alcohol which you know is antiseptic that quickly dissolve any dirt. You can also use the coffee filters to clean the screen.

Antibacterial gel is also very good in cleaning the screen. The only thing you have to do is to carefully clean the screen because the microphone and the hole of earphone are exposed if liquid goes into this then your microphone and earphone may not work properly. Use all these cleaning material with the cotton so in this way your screen will look like a new screen. 

How to clean the screen?

The first thing you have to do is to turn off your smartphone and then pick up any cleaning material which we have mentioned above. Remove the solid particles from the screen through shaking the screen in this way the solid particles and the dust will remove from the screen if you directly use the cleaning material then the solid particles and the dust can create scratches on your screen. After this drop antiseptic or alcohol and then spread this with the any piece of cloth or paper. After this dry the screen then your screen will be neat and clean just like a new screen. Wait for just few minutes and after this turn on your smartphone and start using this. We recommend you to clean your phone screen on a regular basis. We suggest you to don’t clean the screen when your phone is on charging.

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