Dedicated and Non-Dedicated Server: Discover The Difference

Dedicated and non-dedicated server: discover the difference

Are you here to know the difference between dedicated and non-dedicated server? Today we will tell you everything related to this topic and it will be easy to understand for you. You will also get to know about shared hosting and will be able to find out which hosting service is best for you. Critically, having a good and quality server is not a good choice at this time but commitment. If you are here to find the difference between them then you are to be praised that you care about presentation and experience of your clients. Let’s start by explaining what a hosting server is. 

What is a hosting server?

Before coming back to our original topic, it is important to know that what a hosting server is. A server is computer or a software and has a centralized computing system which provides services to a network which is called clients. 

A bit confusing? Let’s clear! 

Example, your domain is which represents the furniture in your home and the hosting will be your home where you placed your furniture. Similarly, hosting is place where you store all the data of your domain and receive visitors. There are many purposes of the server and the features of server are not only used in website. 

Now you already know that what is hosting server! It’s time to find the difference between dedicated and non-dedicated server.

Dedicated and Non-Dedicated Server: Which one to choose?

There are some points which you need to consider before hiring a dedicated and non-dedicated server. But right now it is important for you to provide your users with high performance, quality and security. So you have to invest for a quality server for your website. 

What is a Dedicated Server?

The Dedicated Hosting Server has better and more resources and data storage as well. As their name tell, these servers are dedicated and they offer exclusive services to a customer. They offer and ensure you higher performance for website and other apps, provide and generate more speed, security and stability and even more. It is a great option for website to have a quality server because competitors are getting stronger and users are becoming more demanding that is why you should have a quality server for your website. Dedicated Server provides you faster speed and performance.

What is an Indicted Server?

Generally, non-dedicated servers provide you lower speed than dedicated servers. It is a dedicated server but it can share its resources with more clients. In a non-dedicated server, if you host hundreds or thousands of sites and applications which use server resources a lot, then all the other websites and apps will face degradation in performance. Basically, there are servers which are shared and share the same service with other users but they have a lot quality.

What is Important to Have a Quality Server?

It is very important to choose a good server and you should be serious about that. The quality of the server is directly linked with the performance of website. If you want hosting for applications such as email, data management and systems, then quality server will give you more stability and performance for daily work. It is necessary to hire a service which fulfills all the needs. Having a quality server makes all the difference because it provides all the necessary things. A quality server is a solution for your all hosting problems and questions. 

What is Best Server for You?

Since we have talked about the main difference between dedicated and non-dedicated server and it is necessary to choose hosting service wisely and seriously. First of all, you need to know how many hits your website has and how many at this time and if your project and work is taking large proportion, then it is best for you to transfer from non-dedicated to dedicated server or cloud for best results. 

Dedicated Server is really for me?

If you need to or you consume a lot of data and resources regularly such as 2-3TB of disk space, 30 GB of memory or you need specific operating system change then it is recommended for you that you should go with dedicated server. If you are planning to host an application or a site, then quality shared hosting the probably the best option for you. 

If your website or application cannot go down due to some reasons at any time and you are unable to measure the average number of hits, then a dedicated hosted server may not fulfill your all needs. At that point, cloud computing provides scalability and redundancy and it will be better option.

Is There a Shared Quality Host?

Yes! Absolutely. Do you remember the average hits of 5000 per day that many hosting companies make available on shared servers? Well, that was the difference between quality shared servers and the servers which only host sites.

The servers which provides hosting only, show you warning and alerting message when your website exceeds the quota they provide of hits and then your project will take down. The main problem is that this will affect your job, site and user experience as well. These companies usually work with the server capacity which has limits and they operate at nearly 90 to 95% of resources. Your site will prone to a drop level when the number of hits will exceed. 

The guidelines are different when it comes to a companies that work with quality shared hosting. Shared servers usually operates with nearly 50% of server resources and with this, you site can reach up to 10000 hits per day. If your website suddenly exceeds the number of hits, then your website will not do down. You will get notified and will have the time to manage your hits and website on time so that you can save your website from taken down. That’s all you need to know about these servers.

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