Google photos no longer offer unlimited storage for certain videos

You all know very well about the Google photos. Google photos provide unlimited storage to store the data you can store unlimited pictures and videos in this. Millions of people use this wonder full service of Google. In this you can create albums of your different memories and person. Many people stored unlimited pictures and videos in Google photos without noticing how much space left behind because they know the Google photos gives the freedom of storing unlimited pictures and videos. But today we will tell you the hidden limit of this Google photo which is this that Google photos no longer offer unlimited storage for certain videos. Recently the internet giant which is the Google updated their conditions for unlimited storage of its Google photos service. After the verification the Google added the new limitation in uploading certain types of videos. Before this many users avail this freedom of using unlimited storage for their data no limitation were there for the people but now things are changed some certain type of videos cannot be avail unlimited storage.

Limited storage for certain videos:

This addition in Google photos affect the videos which will uploaded after December 6 and this will not affect the videos which were already stored in Google photos so don’t need to worry for your past videos. Google photos will not harm your previous videos. Google photos will not limit these formats of videos  which are; 3gp, mp4, mpg, m2t, m2ts, mts, y.mkv, asf, mov, mmv, mod, wmv, avi, m4v,3g2, tod, divx. This doesn’t challenge the formats of .vob or. Raw but it will consume the space in Google drive. The format of 1080p resolution and the photos at 16 megapixels will continue without consuming space. If you want to know whether your video is compatible with unlimited storage or not just follow these simple and short steps. 

  • From your computer, open
  • Now look at the top there you will see the menu.
  • Open the menu and then click on the settings.
  • Now click on the unsupported videos.
  • Now select the videos of your choice which you want to download or delete 
  • For download the video click on the download.
  • If you want to delete the video click on the remove.

If you delete any video from there then your video only be deleted from this not from your device. So now the users can’t take more advantage of getting unlimited storage for certain formats. The formats which can avail unlimited free storage are, mentioned above if you have the videos of these above mentioned then you can avail the unlimited storage for your videos. If you have the videos of other formats then get ready to pay bit extra to Google. This little change would not affect most of the users. The good thing for the user is that the Google photo will not delete or harm your previous videos which were stored in the Google photos. 

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