Hidden iOS 12 Tricks You Must Know

Apple is the company comes along with the four major famous companies. About 728 million people in the world using Apple products. These figures may exceed because the number of users increasing day by day due to advancement in the technology of Apple software.

Apple do not spare their users to amaze by launching new technologies day by day. Every new version of apple introduces new features in the world of smart phones.

These new features attract apple users to buy the product instantly and use the newly introduced features. Apple is the company started in about 1976 by Steve Jobs and some of his partner as business partnerships. They started their company from the garage of their house.

Apple have its own software with best features and applications a user can use on their iOS devices. Not only smartphones or iPhones Apple also manufactured smart TV’s, smart watches and smart tablets and laptops too. These are known as iPhone, iPad, watch OS, TV OS and mac OS respectively.

Apple launched the applications that are only used in Apple operating System OS. Apple has many applications like iMovie, Safari, iCloud etc. Also, Apples iPhones, iPads and mac OS comes in different storage like 4GB, 8GB (in older models these variants are not available in present day) 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB.

These different storages come with different prices because all variants having different storage capacities.

Every gadget and devices have some of the hidden features that everyone does not know about all these features. Like all other gadgets apple also have some of the hidden features.

Here, in this article we are going to unveil all of these hidden features in order that all of the Apple users, Apple customers get benefited from all of these features. These features are listed below:

Old Notification on the Lock Screen: 

Like previous versions of iOS there is a trouble that you can’t see the older notifications. Like in iOS 11 user do not able to see previous or older notification but in iOS 12 this issue is solved you can also see your older notification. You just have to put your fingers in the middle of screen and drag up. You can see the older notification under “Earlier Today”. Without unlocking your device you can also see your older notifications.

3D Touch in Control Center: 

 Like all other changings in iOS 11 changings are also made in Control Center that give you easier access to the application. You just have to click and press the feature you want in 3D touch center. Like music player that is a very good example you can add this application on 3D touch center so you can hear songs either from music or from Spotify.

Enter Passwords Automatically: 

Safari is the browser that is the browser of iOS in order to get access to websites and webpages. There is the feature that you can also save your passwords in safari. For example, if you are using Facebook on safari. A dialog box pops up having a message written on it that save your password. In this way you can also save your passwords.

Customize the Control Center: 

Most the times control center has the setting we use less so the now we can also customize the setting of control center and set the controls we need daily or regularly. You have to go in setting and now click on control center. There you go now you can easily customize your setting.

Effects on iMessage messages: 

Make the conversation more interesting and enjoyable the iOS 11 added some new and cool features in iMessage. To enjoy these feature open messages and write a message press the send button for a while you can hear an echo and the spotlight that makes this echo clearer.

Set the Emergency Code: 

IOS do not give an emergency call option on lock screen you can activate this by opening the setting and now clock on emergency setting. There you have an option to activate and activate this option now you can press the power button five times in a row and an emergency dialer screen appears. 

Disable Touch ID: 

One of the best ways to unlock you iPhone is with touch ID but in some cases, it will be dangerous for you and your data. Now you can disable touch ID by just pressing power button in a row five time. In this way touch id disabled. 

Scan QR Code: 

IOS version 11 restrict you to use third party application and also scan QR codes. But now you can easily get access to these scanning. Just out your camera on the code it will scan it automatically.

Share Wi-Fi Password: 

We use difficult words in our passwords that are difficult to remember. Someone visiting you and wants to get access to your internet password but you don’t remember it. If the person is using apple device and tries to connect your internet you receive a warning notice and an option to share the password.  

Burn the iPhone Screen: 

To record the screen of your iPhone or iPad you can get easy access by going into setting and enabled the option in control center. Now you have easy access to this feature too.

Turning off the Auto Brightness: 

Intensity of light changes and the brightness of your device also changes. Now you can also disable this option. You just have to go into settings and then accessibility option of your iPhone or iPad and now click on screen adapter option. Noe you can disabled or enabled this feature.

Activate Do Not Disturb while Driving: 

This option will save you from major accidents. You can enable this option by entering into setting and with do not disturb mode you can also see the option do not disturb while driving enabled this option whenever you need this.

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