Hotmail Login Hotmail Sign in Hotmail Login Account Help

Hotmail login Hotmail sign in Hotmail login account help

If you have a Hotmail account already and it is activated as well and want to login to Hotmail, then you have to follow simple steps.

How to Log in to Hotmail?

First of all, you need to go to the official website of Hotmail and then follow the steps below. When you will be on the main page of the website, you will see “Login” which will be located at the top right. Now Microsoft will ask you for your email account, your phone number or yours skype. All these known as your Window Live ID which is your email address and password. The username and password of yours, are the same which you use in Microsoft services such as Hotmail Login,, XboxLive, Window Phones, OneDrive and messengers as well. Microsoft also offers you to access your Hotmail account using another method which is GitHub. If there is a personal account of yours on GitHub, then it is easy for you to login to Hotmail using the same username which you have on that site too.

Access My Hotmail Account without Signing In

There is an option to save your password and username in your browser and site also have the option known as “keep the session started”. This is the best way to login to your Hotmail account without signing all the time. By doing this, your password and username will get save in the website and in your browser and whenever you will click on login option, the page will directly lead you to your logged account. You will be able to access your account without typing username and password again and again. 

Sign in Hotmail with another Account

If you have saved your account info in the site, then your info will be entered by default and you can access your account easily without any problem. If there are several users who want to use Hotmail from different accounts, then there are two different methods to sign in with different account.

  • When you get on the site, you will see your username with profile picture in the upper right corner, then click on it and you will see some options and in these options you will also see “Sign Out or Logout” option. Select Logout option so that your account got logged out and device will no longer remember your username and password. 
  • Another option you can try to login with different account is that, when you will click on the picture, you will see different options. All you have to do is to click on “Login with different account” and new window will option in which you will be asked to enter new username and password of another account. Another account will be logged in and you can access your account easily in Hotmail.

Create Family Group in Hotmail

If you want to create or add a family member to your Hotmail account, Microsoft gives you an offer to create a family group.

There are different settings which you can change from your account to add different family members. You can also share your any of digital purchase with the children who works so that they can use that easily and freely. 

How to Add a Family Member?

In the first, you must be login to your Hotmail account and after logging in your account, you have to click on your profile picture which will be located at the top right corner. You will see an option “View Accounts” just click on this option. 

After that, new window will appear and there will be an option to add members in the family option. Click on Add Member.

Now you will see two options after clicking on the option to Add Member. You will see two options which will be “Minor” and “Adult” and select one of them. Remember that each option has different privileges. 

After choosing one of them, you have to click on Send Request. 

After that, you have to wait for other person to accept your request and after accepting he/she will be added in your family. 

Login to Hotmail in 2 Steps for Maximum Security

If you want to have a maximum and advance security (which is recommended 100%), you have to follow some simple steps below.

There is a system known as “2 Factor authentication”. This is an extra layer of security and your account will be more secure with that. When you choose this option, you will be asked to give you phone number so that they can send you security code before login to your account.

  • Firstly, you have to login to your account normally using your username and password.
  • On the top right corner, click on the picture and you will see some options. Click on view accounts. After that you will see “Security” just click on it and then click on Update.
  • Another page will appear with 4 different options, click on the last option which is “More security Option” and click on Explore.
  • After that you will see “Configure verification in two Steps” after clicking it, click on “Next”. 
  • After that you will see three different option which you have to choose according to availability. 
  • Done! Your security will update and you will get a code whenever you will login to your account. This is the best security feature for safety. 

Steps to Login to Hotmail MSN Messenger

If you have an MSN account (which is old window live Messenger) and you want to login to this messenger, then you have to follow very simple steps.

In the first, visit the official site of MSN messenger.

Now go to the Login option, after clicking this option, you will be asked to enter the username and password of your MSN ID. 

Once you enter your account info, click Login and then your account will open and you can access everything in your messenger easily.

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