MS word is the famous text editor in the world. Microsoft office has several languages for its configuration. As all you know that there are many languages in the world which were known to us.

The default language of Microsoft word is English. But the problem for the other language people is that they don’t know to speak talk or write the English. As many students in the world making their assignments in this MS word and usually they create the assignment in English language.

Some countries in the world don’t give importance to English and they talk, speak, understand and write only their local language. Many people don’t know that MS word has several languages in itself and if they know then the next problem is that they don’t know how to change the language in MS word.

For them we will go to tell you how you can change the language of the MS word. It’s a very easy procedure 

If you want to change the language of the MS word then some aspects of the Microsoft office can be changes whatever the version is. 

You just have to follow the above steps to change the language of your MS word.

Steps to change the MS word language:

  • Open the MS word and after this go the file option 
  • When you click the option a new dialogue box will open in front of your screen.
  • This dialogue box shows you a menu which will be on your left with several options.
  • Look for the language option if you find this then click on this.
  • After this another section appears there you can see the option of change the language. 
  • Click on this and you will see the various kinds of languages appeared select the language of your choice which you want to be the language of the word.
  • After the changes click save and your changes will be saved. 
  • Now close this and MS word as well and then reopen MS word.
  • If the changes were saved then you can see that MS word in your selective language. 

Steps to change the Microsoft office language:

  • Firstly click on the START and then click PROGRAMS, a list will appear.
  • From the list open the Microsoft office.
  • After opening this click on the Microsoft office language settings. 
  • In this setting select French or the language which you want to select as default.
  • Click on add to save the language.
  • If it says Choose the language that defines the default behavior in Microsoft office applications then you should select French or any other language which you want to select in a drop down menu. 
  • Now go to the language enabled text box if English is the default language then click on delete. If the other language is default then see in the list and delete it.
  • Now simple click OK to save the changes.
  • Now close the program and then reopen it, after this you can see the new language in the Microsoft office. 


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