How to Create your Page on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a great website where many people post articles and biography of celebrities. It is a free and online encyclopedia and all the stuff which is present on this site is written by different volunteers across the world. It publishes free articles and anyone can develop and publish articles by following some simple steps. There are many people who writes the articles and biography of celebrities and publish them and also they can publish and edit the articles because they are the part of Wikipedia foundation. If you are interested to create your page on Wikipedia, then you will have to follow some simple steps and all these steps are very easily.

You do not need any experience or anything to create your page on Wikipedia and it does not mean that the subject matter of the articles. The page you create will be reviewed by the administrators of this sites and then your article will approve and publish on the website. There are five simple steps which you will follow to create your page on Wikipedia. 

Create your account

For this you can visit the official website of Wikipedia and there you can create your account easily.

Check the Topic

Before creating your page on the site, you have to create your account first on the site. You also need to check that the article which you are going to write and publish is not available on the site before. You can check the availability of your article by searching the name of your article and if search gets empty then you can continue with your article. 

Select the option “Create”

Remember that your articles should be unique and there should not be any kind of match with others. You should choose wisely and your topic should be interesting after that you will be good to go. After creating your account and putting write info, your account will be created.

Investigate the Content

If your article is relevant which you are going to write on Wikipedia, then you can start with the search for different information. It is important to have a relevant topic and all the evidences and references which you will provide in your article. You need a lot of research before writing an article because your content need to be valid so start searching for proper evidences and references. If the article which you are going to write is already available in other language, then you can translate for the useful information and it is necessary and the part of your article.

Write the Article

After completing all the steps above, you can now start your article writing. All the registered users can easily edit and create the article. You can also find assistance in order to get any help in creating your page. 

Publish the Article

After writing your article, you can now publish the article on the site which is Wikipedia and you can also edit your article anytime. 

  • Meet the relevance criteria for your page
  • Should focus on different and unique topics 
  • Employ a neutral point of view in the writing
  • Write content with good objective and relevancy
  • You must not advertise 

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