How to Detect Fraudulent Applications on Android

Whenever new apps get viral, hundreds of fake application got created such as there are hundreds of applications like WhatsApp but the original is the only one which you can find on official store of google and playstore.

There are so many fake applications of Mario run, Apex legend, Pokémon Go, Facebook and many more but the problem is that how to find which application is fake and which one is original. Today we will show you how you can detect the fake apps on android phone.

We will discuss about six clues from which you can find the fake app so you have to follow the clues before installing any application.

Not on Google Play Store

This state that there are many applications which are not available on google play store but you can download them through Apk. There is a protection system in google play store which protect apps and remove harmful apps. Google security keep an eye on malwares and has less protection against bad apps and it means that it does not matter how bad the app is and it will not remove from google unless it has malwares in it. 

You can bypass the control of google security by downloading apps in the form of Apk and after that google will not interfere between you and the app. It is true that fake and fraudulent apps break into google play store gradually but these are not harmful and devices are safe. 

If an application is not on google play store, then it is good to suspect and you can download those apps from other trusted sites which offers. Most of the time, google play store keeps the trusted and verified apps so that user never gets any issue.

The Name or Logo is a Copy of Another App

There are two types of fraudulent apps and classified in to two parts: those apps that pretend to be other apps and those that do not and these are the type of these fraudulent apps. In first case, you can look closely and sharply at the app which you are installing and which you want to install.

By looking closely, you can get the idea and can detect the fraudulent app. If you are installing the app with the same logo but the name is little change then it is possible that the app is fake and you need to stop installing this app.

The name and the logo of the app matter a lot because these are the visual things which you can detect by just seeing the app so that you can safe your device from fake app.

The name of the app can make difference because there can only be the one app of same name and no any other name can be selected for app. You can easily detect the app by seeing name and logo and if everything is correct then you can install the original app in your device.

Copying the apps details and impersonating other app is very simple and common in fake apps. If app is not available on google play store, then it is most likely that the app is not even made but there are so many fake developers who build the app with same name and logo and publish so that they can fool people. These apps are scam and you must be aware. 

It Occupies too little for what it is

Need for speed Heat for android device and just occupy 50 MB? How is that even possible! It is good to check the size of the app before installing you that you can have idea about the app whether it is fake or not.

Heavy games and apps occupy more storage which make the user satisfy but there are so many scammers who build fake apps and publish with just 50 60 MB which are fake and does not make any sense.

It is true that the most of the apps occupy almost 100 MB in your device and these apps are real and original. You can now have a look on the size of the app before installing so that you can detect the difference. You can also search for the help on google whether the app exists or not. 

It is too Good to be True

There are so many apps which just fool their users by saying some unusual things such as charge your device with rain energy!

These are the tricks to convince the user to download these apps and all of these apps are scam and fake and fraudulent. As you visit their app section and read the description, you will find that everything is fake there and this is trick to make the people fool.

The main difference between fake and joked apps is so blurred and it is hard to detect the difference. These apps just want your attention and nothing else.

These apps are scam and they give you nothing because they lie about the features which seems like magic.

Whenever you come across these apps, you can read the description and if the app has sensible description and features then it might be good app otherwise it can be scam and fraud so stay away from these type of apps. 

They ask You for Permissions that don’t make sense

Fake apps demand unusual permissions to steal your data such as your contact and your gallery permissions. You can deny all the permissions and can delete the app right away.

When you download any fake app, it will ask you to give permissions which can be unusual and will not make any sense and from there you can detect that the app is fake and it is all scam in this app. 

They have Advertising up

Whenever you install fake app or fraudulent app in your device, you will find out the reality of the app if it shows you too many ads.

You will click on the app and the ad will appear and whenever you will click on the app screen, it will show you another ad and there you will find out that the app is fake and all it is showing is ads. You can delete the app after that and clean your device properly. 

These are the clues by which you can detect the fake and fraudulent apps.

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