How to do SEO in 15 easy steps?

There are so many SEO factor which you can follow to rank your website on internet. You can optimize your website easily with these simple steps. Today we will show you 15 different fundamentals of SEO and these can be rules and tricks which can help you to optimize your website.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and this is an English term. This is very simple technique to rank your site at number one in search engines. The best search engine is Google so we all generally talk about it in search engine. The market shares of google is much higher than the other search engines on internet. 

1) Understand Google

In the first you have to understand the google and then you can work over it. Natural positioning is based on three pillars which are Source Code, Content and Links. We add two more factors which are Strategy and Web usability. 

You must have to understand what search engines do and how you can rank following the algorithm of these engines.

2) Allow tracking of your website

After understanding general functioning of search engine, you must scan your site. Every content must be unique and has a single URL and it will be good for your site. Each of your page must have a unique and relevant content so that you can hit the keywords. 

3) Facilitate indexing

You need to facilitate your content in the database of the search engine. List your content and indicate where you are at every time within the site. Create menu links and related posts and other menu for facilitating the visitor.

4) Segment by a keyword

You should always try to fulfill the customers need and your content should be relevant to the users search. You need to hit the right keyword if you want to rank your content in the search engine.

5) Write relevant content for SEO

Once you have a good collection of keywords, you need to be relevant in google database and have to write a content based on these keywords and put the right amount of keywords in your content. Your content must be long enough and also include key phrases. Add different words of same meaning and also insert videos and pictures.

6) Constant Update

You have to keep this point in your head that you must have to keep your content updated and if your content is outdated then your post will not rank in google and you will lose your visitor. Keep updating your content according to latest information.

7) Content that works in web positioning

Your content need to be good and comprehensive and then your content will work in web positioning. Create tutorials and guides and make list and add videos in your content. You should facilitate your customer with the ease and have a better view in site.

8) Enriched Content

Your content must be enriched with latest information. You must try to create the better content than others and try to add latest keywords and cover trending topics in your content. You can cover the viral topics such as news, kitchen recipes, images and videos and other topics like that and these will help you to make an enriched content for your site. Your keywords will rank automatically when your content will be powerful. You also have to keep an eye on customer’s reviews and have to write about them so that they can understand you easily.

9) Understanding popularity and page ranking

If you have a good sight with good content and still cannot able to rank, then it is not enough for ranking and you must need to add basic elements in SEO for popularity. There are many different factors which affect in popularity and you have to follow these carefully.

If your page has more links, then there are more chances that your page goes viral and popular. If the links are from huge pages and the links are powerful then your page will become popular. Every link transmits a semantic notion. These are some factor which can help you to rank your page and make it popular in search engines.

10) Create Links

You need to create links and you need to do it intelligently because if you do something wrong then the result can be negative and can lead to penalty and it is not smaller than a nightmare. 

You can create links from different type of sites such as forums, blogs and wikis etc. You can create link from site with theme same to yours and can also create links from popular pages. You must need to avoid low quality pages because it can affect your page. 

11) Stay active in social media

This is another important factor of SEO that you must stay active in social networks. There are billions of people who use social media daily and it is very beneficial for you to advertise your website on social media so that people come to know about your page. You can create your account on different social media sites and then you can share your links there and can publish different posts to engage visitors.

12) Responsive site

Your site should be responsive and compatible in any device so that visitors never face any inconvenience during visit. You must improve the user experience on your site because there are many visitors that come on your site with different sources such as tablets or smart devices.

13) Charging time

Make your website better and do optimization once a day so that your website stays updated. There are many sites which take longer loading period and this can be bad for their site. Better loading time keeps your site healthy and easier for search engines to index and crawl.

14) Https

If your site has https, then your site is secure and this is a good sign for your site. It can create a big problem if the site is not secure by https. It is a protocol security for your site and shows that your site is secure from spamming and all that stuff.

15) The key to good SEO

SEO is the best key to rank and optimize your website and you can do in just simple ways such as you have a solid technical base for your content, you constantly create links, update your content to the newest information and also think about the needs of the users. This way you can generate the best content and can rank your site in search engine.

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