How to download a backup copy of all your Twitter content, including images and videos

Twitter has refreshed its unit of Your Twitter information to offer a record with for all intents and purposes all the data you can envision about your account. You would now be able to download Photos, recordings, followers, individuals followed, private messages and data in a private document.

We will tell you that how you can download all your Twitter data in a straightforward manner, a procedure for which you will just need to get to Twitter web and protect yourself with tolerance while getting the document.

The biggest backup of Twitter

The new document that you can access on Twitter contains data related with everything linked with the account. To get to it, you should tap on your Twitter profile picture, and access the configuration bar.

Once entered this bar of Configuration and Privacy, you will see a broad rundown with a few subsections. The penultimate of every one of them gets the name of your Twitter information, and it is the place you should press to have the option to make the request of the record that contains all your data.

When you are within this unit, you are just need to request that this document be sent to you. Watch out that you have contact with the email with which your Twitter account is connected, since this is the place you will get the duplicate.

After mentioning your document, it’s a great opportunity to secure yourself with persistence. For your situation, for instance, with a record that has not arrived at the gig, Twitter has taken about an hour. An account with some years of life and its significant tweets, could take a few hours and, in the most outrageous cases, as long as a day, to offer the email.

When the wait is finished, you’ll see a Twitter email in your inbox. Right now, they warn that you have a month to download the information before they terminate. At the point when you offered it to download, you will acquire a compressed document with all your data on PC. The document you will get contains data in regards to all that you have finished with your record, from multimedia substance to your cooperation with the advertisements.

Inside this record, you will have data comparative with for all intents and purposes all that you can envision. From your multimedia records to data connected with the advertisements you have seen, and how they seem dependent on your comforts. The documents that you will have inside the record, among others, suggest to the accompanying data.

This is all the content that you will see in the backup

  • Account creation
  • Account suspension
  • Account time zone
  • Account
  • Ad Engagements
  • Ad impressions
  • Blocked contacts
  • Connected applications
  • Direct messages¬†
  • Multimedia data of direct messages
  • Followers and followed
  • Your Favorites
  • Saved searches
  • Tweets
  • Lists
  • All information related to Periscope

The multimedia documents are secured in the great JPEG, MP4 setups. Besides, the documents linked with your data are in JS (JavaScript) setup, so you will see the data in JS content lines. Regardless of imagining them in this setup, is simple for any user to comprehend the data that is given to you.

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