How to enter Facebook without having to enter the Password every time?

Facebook is a most popular social media and there are millions of people who use Facebook in their daily life. There are many people who deletes the browsing data on their browser after surfing and these data can be saved cookies, history. By this, they enter their info every time when they visit any site such as email and social sites.

There are many platforms which offer option to save password and username so that whenever you visit their site you will be able to directly access your account without entering password all the time. If you are a user of Facebook and also want that feature to save your credentials so that whenever you visit Facebook, you will not be asked to enter your password and you will directly access your account.

Facebook gives this option to save your password and username and you can access your account without having to enter your password every time you visit. Today we will show you how you can save your password and other credentials in Facebook to avoid entering password all the time. 

Entering Facebook without using the Password

There are also many users who already know this option because it is quite common and simple to do. When we login first in on the social site, it asks us to save your password even if we have saved the password before but it asks every time.

The simplest way to find and activate this option in facebook is that just go to the setting of your Facebook. Now you have to click on the arrow in the top right corner of social site. Access settings to access the options. 

After that you will see many options right there, you just have to go to Security and Login section and scroll down to this page until you find the option “Start session with your profile picture”. 

After finding the option, you simply need to click on the Edit button which is located on the right and after it displays, you can now select the Remember Password function. Done, your option will be activated and your password will get save in facebook credentials. 

Now after activating this function, your password will be saved and whenever you will visit facebook, all you need to do is to click on your profile picture and you will get login to your account. You can also save your password in other social media sites as well. 

Remember that it is not recommended to save your password and other credentials in the computer which other people also use because by doing this, they can access your account and can do anything with your account. You should activate this option in the computer which is yours only and no one uses it.

You can also disable this option by following the same steps above and all you need to do to click on Deactivate instead of Activate and this option will get deactivate.

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