How to enter Facebook without having to enter the password every time

Facebook is the largest socializing application, website using present days. Facebook offers you many features. Facebook also have a messaging application of its own that is messenger.

Facebook connect us from the people around the globe. Facebook also help us to make contact with new people. It also makes our lives easy by making our contact to our friends, family and relative who are living far away from us.

We just have to make our account or sign up to use the Facebook or we just have to sign in. For sign in we have to enter the email and the password. Most of us do not remember the passwords and do not how to save it.

If they can save it and have a bad habit of clearing their browsing data like cookies, email addresses and passwords. So, by doing this they clear all the data and have to reenter all the credentials again but due to poor memory they don’t remember the password and have to reset it that creates many problems for all of them.

So, we come up with the solution, in this article we are going to tell you how you can save you Facebook password without to enter the password every time. To do this you do not requires any heavy application or a very difficult procedure Facebook itself offers this feature that you can access your account without again and again entering it.

We are know explaining you how you can do this:

Entering Facebook Without using Password

Most of the users who use Facebook for so long that if wee login through browser for the first time we logged in to the Facebook. There is an option to remember password.

So, next time you can simple click on your profile and easily logged in without entering the password. But some of us clear the data, emails, passwords from the browsers so they can not able to access this. You can simply do this by activate this option through Facebook settings.

Click on the three dots on the social networking site and scroll down until you see the option of Setting. After getting access to settings now click on the option of security and login. When security and login option open scroll down the page until you see the option start session with your profile.

After finding the option “Start session with your profile” now you have to click the edit button probably located on the right and select remember password option.

After activation of this option you can access your account by simply clicking on your profile. You can use this function on your own computer that only used by yourself. But if computer used by other people, we recommend that you do not do so. You can also deactivate this option.

To deactivate this option simply you have to follow the steps that you followed to activate this option simple click on deactivate with login with profile picture option.

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