In this we are going to tell you that how you can expand the internal memory of your phones. The question is arising in your mind now that why it is needed to do this.

This is needed to do because many smartphones has a low internal memory and the users of these phones cannot enjoy the extra space which other high internal memory phone users are enjoying.

Memory in a phone plays really a very important role because the things which you want to save whether it is a document, application, picture, song and some kind of video then these all things will be stored in your internal memory if you have a low internal memory then after using or saving some heavy things and if these things occupy half of the space of internal memory then your phone will start giving you the notification that your phone is running low on memory. 

In that case if you want to save anything important your phone will not save this because you will have not enough space on the device to store anything. So don’t worry we have a solution for you we will tell you the ways how you can easily expand your internal memory.

How to expand the internal memory in android 6 or higher:

The simplest way to expand the internal memory is that if you convert the micro SD card into internal storage then you can expand the memory. In android 6 or above there is an option to do this. If you want to expand the internal memory then you must format the SD card. 

  • Open the setting.
  • Click on the storage and then open the SD card.
  • Click on the menu button which will be on your top right click configuration.
  • Now format as store internal.
  • Now delete and format this.

The important to note is that the data on the SD card will be deleted so make sure you create a backup of your data then do this. 

Problems and solutions:

In many phones the format option as internal is not available so to solve this problem configuring the SD card in mixed mode. Configure the SD card as internal and the external memory at the same time. In android 5 or lower this option is also not available so for these android users the solution is to free internal memory.

Delete or move files:

This is the best way to expand your internal memory you can delete your data from your phone but if your data is important then you can move this to SD card or you can also move this to your PC or cloud storage.      

      Move to SD card:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

  • If you want to move data to SD card then open the file manager.
  • Click the internal memory and after this selects the files which you want to move long press the files there you can see the move option.
  • Click on this after select the place in SD card where you want to move this data. 

Move to PC:

If you don’t have the SD card then you can simply transfer your important data to your PC. For this connect your phone with the PC using the USB cable. When connection done go into the file manager of your phone via PC copy the data which you want to move after this paste the data anywhere in your PC. 

Move to cloud storage:

Another best option is to use the GOOGLE PHOTOS application. Through this you can store your data in it free of cost. You can download this from the Google play store. 

Uninstall and move applications:

If you have extra applications on your phone then you can simply delete it or if you don’t want to delete this then move the applications in the SD card. In this way you can also expand your internal memory. If you want to uninstall the application simply go to the apps from the settings then click on the app which you want to delete tap uninstall and your app will delete.

Delete CACHE:

Clearing the in android can also free some space from the internal storage. Clearing the cache can increase the memory by several megabytes. Simply go to the setting and then storage tap on the clearing the cache and after this cache will be deleted. 



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