How to increase android mobile screen ppi

The panel size or the size of mobile screen has now progressively increase as it’s a era of modern technology. If we see few years back we usually don’t see any phone whose screen size is more than 5.5 inch but if we look into this modern era we hardly find any phone whose screen size is below 6inch.

Technology change many things in the upcoming years you will able to see the changes which will the technology do. With the factory settings we can see that the content of the panel is largely wasted with such sizes of the screen. So today we will teach you how you can increase the android mobile screen for your relevant purposes and add more convenience to daily life. 

What is IPRS?

Ppi refers to pixels per inch and dpi refers to dot per inch. PPI or pixels per inch is the tool that help us to define the total resolution of the device it may be mobile screen or your desktop screen. This density of pixels refers to the number of pixels that a screen of certain inches has.

If we see the example of Huawei p30 pro then we can know that this phone has a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels in a panel of 6.47 inches which causes 398 pixels per inch density of the panel. So, the pixels per inch will affect the sharpness of the content so it means the more the pixels per inch the more the sharpness.

If a device has for pixels in the screen it means that the sharpness of screen is that much stronger. We can also say that number of pixels directly proportion to sharpness of device. Most of the people confuse in the terms IPRS and PPI.

The difference is that IPRS is the scaling tool which is adapt by system to the screen while the other PPI is the tool that measure how many pixels present in one inch. We can change IRPS to change the sharpness of the device.

Changing DPIS Manually

DPI means Dot Per Inch. The Nougat version of android have the option to change the size of the content that shown on the screen. Changing DPI or Dot Per Inch manually is more convenient. The pro or advantage of this is that you do not need any time of rooted device to do this manually.

You just open the setting of your device and go to the terminal option of the phone setting. Now you have to touch or you may press the screen 7 times by number of compilations. This way the developer option activated and you will see the option to change DPI.

If you want to see more content on the screen upload that amount of number and if you want vice versa like want to show less content lower the number simple. The more dot per inch you set the more content you see on the screen of your device.

If you change the DPI for messaging application to 51 points you gained like the visualization of two contacts on screen. Now you can see more then one contact on the screen. This same process also implies on the self-launching application.

The thing you have to keep in your mind is that the more DPI the more content you can see on your screen. This is the best way to take advantage of DPI. Usually 411 DPI is the ideal DPI keeping in view the screen and content.

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