How to install chrome extension on android?

Mobile phones are now the major and the important part of our lives. No one from us can imagine their lives without mobiles as they ease ourselves by making our lives easy, by making our huge data save.

Even if we have internet connection, we can search everything which we need at that time. This way mobile phones makes our lives so easy and stress free. In our android devices we have like many of the pre-installed applications and the applications that we installed in it.

These applications keep us aware, entertained and saves time. Presently there are so many search engines or browsers that helps in our daily routine. But the browser or the search engine that we can use or majority of the people use is “Chromium or Google Chrome”.

This Chromium or Google Chrome is the best and most favorite search engine or browsers of android users because of its easy use and faster searching speed. The users or android users who are using chromium or google chrome search engine or browser for searching or browsing their data have many benefits like they can easily add the extension of other browsers.

Extension: Extension is the part added to extend or prolong that specific thing. It has numerous purposes which may help you use some programs and software on chrome without properly installing that program or application on your system.

In search engines like chromium or google chrome extensions are added to make the site or website or we can say search engine lasting long. In this way we can use these search engines or browsers for long term and get the relevant results which we want to facilitate our daily life internet usage.

Google chrome or chromium also provides you this advantage to add the extensions of other search engines or browser like Microsoft edge, Opera, Vivaldi and many others in your personal computer or PC. But when it comes to android the chromium or google chrome does not support any kind of extension.

But now this is also possible that you can add extension on your android device where you are using google chrome browser or search engine.

Kiwi Browser: The Kiwi Browser is the one of the types of search engine or browser that based on the chromium search engine or browser.

The kiwi browser is developed by XDA Developers Forums and this search engine is also user independent search engine. A person can download this kiwi browser from google for APK and also from google play store. It is safe in both the forms and won’t cause any security threat to your system.

How to install chrome extensions in kiwi browser in android

First you have to download the kiwi browser from google and after downloading it you just have to run this browser once. After running the browser, you directly go to the extension page where google web store leaves you an unsupported message that means extension is not added.

Now add the extension individually. For your ease we tested some of user’s most favorite extension like Dark reader and uBlock origin. On your desktop you just click add to chrome option same thing do here click add to chrome option and there you will see a confirmation message by accepting this message the extension is installed.

For the confirmation you can click three dots and click the navigate option here is the option of extension you can confirm this that extension is added. You can also manage the extension of pages by visiting Chrome:\\ extensions.

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