How to know the Temperature of your PC’s CPU?

Have you ever notice the temperature of your PC’s CPU? You ever notice that the temperature of your computer is too hot? If you notice any behavioral change in your PC such as automatically restarting, slow down, blocking or any kind of strange behavior then your computer is facing overheating issue and this can be problematic for you. 

If your computer gets overheat then it can also damage your hardware and cause hardware problems. This is a good thing that you can measure the temperature of your computer and keep an eye over it so that you can take precautions in case of overheating.

Before we get into it, we will share a simple rule with you and you can check the consequences of overheating at different stages of temperature.

  • If the temperature is Below 60o, your computer will work correctly and normally.
  • If the temperature is Between 60o and 70o, then your computer will work normally but it will start to overheat and you need to check if there is a dust in the fans and clean it.
  • If it is between 70o and 80o, you need to check if the fans of PC working correctly or not.
  • And if the temperature is greater than above situation then you must check your computer to hardware shop and ask them to solve the problem.

How to measure the temperature of CPU?

There are so many applications which you can install and they will show you the temperature of your CPU. Many software tries to install bloatware in your computer so you have to be careful while installing the software in your computer and you have to uncheck the unnecessary option which they offer. 

There is a software called Core Temp and all you need to do is to install this software in your computer. After installing, this program will show you the temperature of your CPU in the notification area of the taskbar. It is very easy and there are no any difficult settings which you have to look. 

You can also HW Monitor and it has the best and amazing interface in the world and the best thing is that it fulfills its job perfectly. You can check the temperature of your Ram, graphic card, processor and hard disk. You can download this software absolutely free. If you are a MacOS user, you can get assistance from Apples fera with free several free widgets.

Measure the temperature in the BIOS

If you are not agree to download any software in your computer and want to know the temperature also then you simply need to access the BIOS when you start your computer. Press (F2, F10, F12) these keys work accordingly so you can check.

After that you can search for temperature in Monitor section. There you can check the temperature of your computer and other things as well such as ram, graphic card and battery etc.

These are the ways by which you can check the temperature of your computer.

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