How To Make a Hard Reset To an Android Mobile and What To Do Next

How to make a hard reset to an android mobile and what to do next

Many people use android smartphones in their daily routines. Smartphones is a great invention for modern era users because they demand more. First we will tell you what exactly android is. It’s a mobile operating system which is developed by Google.

And android is designed for touchscreen mobiles such as tablets and smartphones. Many version of android are now available. Latest version of android is Android 10. So one of the issue which many of the users of android are facing is that there phone forced them to do a hard reset.

Many of the people don’t know how to make a hard reset of the phone so for this many goes to the mobile repaired shop where they spend money on this problem for their phone. So take it easy guys we can save your money don’t get panic we will tell you the simplest way how you can make a hard reset of your android mobile. 

Why we need to make a hard reset?

Well not everyone likes to make a hard reset of their android devices because this process will erase your all data on the device so it’s a risk taking process the data of the user May loss. Well many do this because in case of selling the device to other.

Why it is a need to make a hard reset? It is needed because after the update of the version of android devices many phones start working slow or sometime the device may hang during the usage so in this case many get frustrated due to this and moreover in many cases the storage of the phone is full from the data and the device will start to working slowly. The processing speed will reduce of the device. Sometimes the touch of the phone will not work so in these situations the easiest thing to do is to make a hard reset of the android device.

Hard reset

Before going through from this process we suggest you to create a backup of your data because data will be erased in this process so it’s better to save your personal data. If you don’t have an important data then you can go for it.

If you are ready then go to your setting search for restore factory data normally you can select this from the backup section. Now click on the FACTORY DATA RESET. After this your device asks you that are you sure you want to reset the device click ok.

If you secure your device with the password then the device will ask you about this after this your device will start to reset this will take few minutes to do. In some cases you wouldn’t able to reset the device as we mentioned above so for those the other method is also available first of all turn your phone off and then press the volume down button and the power button at a same time until the device turn on after this the device ask you for the hard reset then simply press the power button to start the hard reset.

After the reset

After the hard reset your phone will be like a new phone because you have to start it again you will have to install and update apps and will have to enter your Google account again. That is how you will be able to get what you want and start it over again in a new way. 


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