How to make backup of your contacts on android?

Everyone in this world have android phone if everyone then majority number of the people do have android mobiles for their use and to make contact with their friends, family and relatives too. For instance, someone upgraded his\her mobile phone or buys a new one and they want to save all of their contact numbers in their new phone.

What now they going to do? Save each any every contact number one by one? This take too much precious time of yours and you get frustrated. Like iPhone there is no iCloud that keeps all of your data, contacts, photos, videos backup so that if you changed your device or lost it you can get your all of data back through the backup.

Because iPhone that have an application called iCloud that helps the user to backup all of the data that he\she kept in the device which they are using. But in the case of android there is no application like iCloud that keeps your all data backup so that at the time of need you can synchronize data and get all the necessary information you need.

Today’s article we will tell you how to make the backup of your contacts on your android device through your google account. By doing this you can easily pass your contacts form one device to another device by synchronize your google account into respective device. This is the best way to keep your data backup. You can do this so simply.

Backup your android contacts

First you have to do this open the contacts application that is must present in all of the android device. After opening the contact application, you can see all the contacts you saved on your android device of yours. Now you can see three dots on top left corner or at the bottom.

These three dots are also known as menu option. Click on these three dost or menu option you can an option named as import\export. Some of the manufacturer also remade or changed this import\export option to share or backup option. Now you have to click on the option.

After clicking you will see different actions you can also download the contacts that you have imported. Now we are looking for the option that creates the file of all of your contacts that you can share easily and the option is share visible contacts.

The latest version also gives you the option to share all the contacts at once but you have to check in the boxes if you want to share all then click select all but if you want to backup only few then check in the respective contacts and click on the icon of drive to make a copy.

How to pass these contacts to another mobile

Now your all of the contacts or the contacts you want are backed up now. You want to pass these contacts to another mobile. Just login your google account on google drive and download all the contacts.

After downloading it you see an option download complete. Click on the option and execute all the contacts because it opens after executing after executing save the contacts.

That is how you will be able to perform the whole process and shift your all the existing contacts into another smart phone. Many people have to change their smartphones due to some reason and they cannot afford to lose all the contact numbers. That is why they may use this method to simply transfer their contact numbers. 

How to make backup of your contacts on android?
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How to make backup of your contacts on android?

How to make backup of your contacts on android?How to make backup of your contacts on android?How to make backup of your contacts on android?How to make backup of your contacts on android?How to make backup of your contacts on android?

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