How To Record Games by Capturing The Screen of My PC?

Gaming is a passion for many people in the world and some of them are highly good at it. Tat is why a number of famous games have been launched which are lover by the games.

Similarly when the gamers spend hours of playing the games on their PC, they think about recording it somehow. The purpose of recording the games they are playing can be saving their progress as well as making the gaming clips a part of one video.

There are different platforms at which the people can upload their gaming videos with a commentary at the back such as YouTube, where they can start their earning with the views they get on the videos.

These recorded videos can be uploaded on different social media platforms as well and one can also record “How to” videos for their YouTube channel. In this article, you will be getting to know the simplest way of recording your PC screen while you play your favorite game.

There could be some requirements which must be fulfilled by your PC so that you could start recording the videos easily.


The experts say that when you have a graphics card of NVIDIA GTX650 or even higher than this, then you will be able to record the screen automatically without having something else to be installed in your PC. The users will be able to get the FPS and he other useful information easily on their screens to operate the system in a relevant way. 

The people will be able to record only games on their PCs which are of DirectX 9 and the higher libraries even though it comes with an integrated Twitch services. The good feature of this game recording application is, you can save the first 30 seconds, 10 or 20 minutes very easily. They will be already recorded easily before you do anything. 

It is obvious that how curious you may be as a gamer to get the recordings of your best player games and watch them or upload them somewhere. That is why it will keep running in the background without ruining the performance and thus, you will be able to record games in 4K and 60FPS easily.

That is not the only feature which is offered by this application, there are a few more which are of great significance. Such as we can say that it allows applying the filters of your own choice such as the changes in the colors of the gaming screen, adjusting the saturation and even adjusting the HDR of the screen. In this way the players will be able to get the colors of their own choice in the recorded gaming videos. 


  1. First of all it shall ask you if to activate the ShadowPlay because through this feature all the games will be recorded automatically even if you have not pressed the record button. So, this is an automatic feature of this application.
  2. In some cases the message does not appear on the screen so you may directly go to the settings and then activate this option on your own.
  3. The highlights buttons are available there in case you have stopped the recording and then want to edit and cut the videos. 

Record games with Mirillis action

There are so many features in this application where you can have different tabs for the recorded video, its audio and even the live broadcast. You can even record via webcam to record your own reaction on the video, add logo to the video and even convert the video into a number of different video formats. 

There is also a feature of using an application as a background if you do not want to add the desktop as a background while you play and record a game. Then you can have a slow motion feature to adjust the speed of the video too and turn it’s some part into slow motion.

Tutorial Mirillis Action 

  1. The video recording feature will be available straight after you download and install its application.
  2. You may choose the recording mode either to record the desktop, screen or the game.
  3. Choose the 60 fps video size and it is also further adjustable.
  4. You may also choose to mute the microphone or the system audio if you want.
  5. The recording audio format can be changed in the sound tab.
  6. The corporate brand feature will allow you to add a customized logo of your own choice from the gallery.
  7. There are even more options which one can use such as the different languages switching, the configuration such as using the particular number of processor one wants.
  8. After doing all such things, click on the circular button where you will be starting to record the videos of your game.

Record games on Bandicam

Here we have another application known as Bandicam which will allow you to record the games, as well as the screen of your PC. The special part of this application is, it will record the whole screen view for a better screen recording experience. You may record the whole screen either, or only a small portion of the monitor screen. It is up to you completely what you want to record.

Screen recording with PlayClaw

There are two best features of this application. First, you can overlay the webcam so you could record your own reaction with the game, and you can get the CPU floating on the screen so that whenever it gets heated up you already know about it.

You may also keep playing the YouTube videos while you record the screen because it won’t disturb your recording. Sound can be recorded from the 16 origins and 200 frames per second can be recorded very easily with the help of this application.


  1. When you open it, you will already be seeing a lot of options in front of you without searching for them in other parts. 
  2. You can record the profiles so that you can record specific games for some particular profile which you have already created.
  3. You may start with the hotkeys of start, pause and stop whenever you want.

Record games with FRAPS

This recorder is something special because it allows the users to record the video in a resolution of 7680 x 4800 pixels with 120 fps. But, it has one big drawback that it generates the larger files so you must have a larger storage. The application has not been updated since years so it is an issue. There are many latest recorders so you may make a choice between them to get the best recordings of your games and screens conveniently.


  1. First of all install the FRAPS application.
  2. It is very simple to record the videos which can be done by only pressing the F9 key.
  3. The number of frames will be given in the upper corner of your screen.
  4. Free version will only record the 30 seconds of video.
  5. Press F9 again to stop the recording of your screen or game. 


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