How To Remove Pre-installed Applications From your Android Phone

How to remove pre-installed applications from your android phone

Android mobiles are the mobiles, devices use by massive amount of people worldwide. Android has its own software that is installed in the android phones. To amuse and amaze their user’s android introduce new features for the users that have supper functions and help the users to ease their lives.

Android has many applications some of them are already installed in the device like we can say them manually installed applications. The other ones are the applications the user or the owner of the device installed as per need or for the sake of enjoyment.

The applications that are installed already or manually installed in the devices are continuously updating and being heavier in size that directly affects the storage and working of the device. Due to these applications the storage kept occupying and you don’t install the other applications that you need. These manually installed applications are not uninstalled form the mobile phone.

Due to this your device start lagging because of less storage. Some of these pre-installed applications are the applications that are not of your interest but the manufacturer adds these applications to commit with the services of Google. So, the application you cannot always delete or uninstall from your android mobile is called bloatware.


  This term bloatware is inherited from the terminologies for PC but now this is inherited for android phones. In Personal Computer or PC this term Bloatware means the bloating software or the software that are enormously heavy. It is the anti-virus that is pre-installed in your android device.

In your window’s personal computer PC, you can remove these enormously large application or bloatware by windows and in android you can removes these by uninstalling these applications. But this is not as easy as saying because some of applications are not allowed to uninstalled or delete.

How to removes these pre-installed applications?

There are several ways to remove this bloatware from your android devices some require root or other do not require any of the root. Following are the methods:

Uninstall Normally:

Not every application that is pre-installed in android device is not uninstalled. But some of the applications are uninstalled normally. Like normal applications we uninstalled from our device. You just have to long press the icon of the application then click the uninstall option or if there is no option of uninstall just deactivate this application simple.


After disabling the application that create bloatware the icon still remains on the screen of your android device. This is because the updates related to this application sill not uninstalled and creating space issue. For this purpose, to complete disable this application you just open the setting of your android device and after opening settings go to application manager now click on the application you want to disable or deactivate open the application and click or deactivate option. By this deactivating the application you can uninstalled all the related data and updates of the bloatware software.

Uninstall with root:

Like every application have advantages and disadvantages same in the case with this. We will tell you a good and bad news too. The good news is that you can get rid of these bloatware software but you need to root your device first.

A free way to get rid of these applications:

Application Remover:

This application required android version 2.3 and onwards. You can easily download it from google play store for free. The main advantage of this application is that you can uninstall many applications by check in the boxes together.


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