How To Schedule The Sending of an Email With Gmail For Android

How to schedule the sending of an email with Gmail for android

As we all know that the era becomes more modern and advance day-by-day. This technology also eases us, save our times and many more advantages that make our lives easy and connect each other with our loved ones that lived far away from us.

There are many ways of communicating other by the help of texting, calling it may be audio or video and also email. Email is the electronic mail we send to the email address of another person. There are so many websites that having emails but we are discussing about Google mail or Gmail.

We in fact all of us is using this Google mail on our daily basis for office work or for educational purpose. Some of advertisers also send their ads through emails that also help us and also help them to expand their business.

As we all have deadlines, last date of submission of assignment and we are bound to send our projects or any of the other assignment in time so that your repute does not mark negative. Sometime when we have to send the email, we are busy somewhere and forget to send our emails on the time. Google mail ease us by adding an option of scheduled the shipment.

Scheduled the Shipment

The term Schedule the shipment means that you have to set the date and the time of sending the email. This schedule you have to set this before the last date or the decided of the shipment. There not the hard and fast procedure or rule that you have to follow to set the scheduled the shipment of your email. Following are the steps you have to follow to set the scheduled shipment of the email:

  • First open the browser of your computer or the application of G mail in your smartphones.
  • Open the application.
  • Click on the compose option.
  • Write the email address of the receiver into box.
  • Write the subject of your email in the subject box.
  • Now write your email.
  • After writing the email click on more option icon.
  • Now after click on more options now click on scheduled the shipment option.
  • Now enter the date and time of your email.

Also, the plus factor or the advantage of google mail is that you can scheduled almost the mails that ranges up to 100. Yes, you can set or programmed 100 emails for the scheduled shipment. You can see all the scheduled or programmed emails by opening the google mail and click on the three bars now scroll down and click on the option of programmed.

Here you can see all the programmed emails. You can also cancel the programmed emails by clicking on cancel programmed shipment. When the set date of the email sending comes a warning message from google mail pops up on the screen of your device that the mail can be sent few minutes before the time sets. 

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