How To Search My iPhone From Android

How to search my iPhone from android

Apple never disappoints their users. There is also an amazing feature of apple that feature is “to find my iPhone”. Most of us lost over device due negligence or the mobile being theft. So, the plus point is that you can find your iPhone by using the feature find my iPhone.

If the device is on so the location of the device be shown on the maps so you can easily locate your iPhone through this amazing feature of APPLE that is to find my iPhone. This will help many of us in finding our devices.

But what if have android and wants to find the lost iPhone through the help of our lost iPhone with the help of the other android phone we have and also we don’t have any other I Device that help us in locating the lost iPhone but the only device we have is the android mobile nothing else.

  Yes, absolutely yes you can find your iPhone from android device easily because the process to find the iPhone from your android device is totally simple and easy that everyone can try this to out the lost iPhone of yours.

To get access of your lost iPhone form the android you should must know the Apple ID or the iCloud ID of your iPhone. The other important thing is that you enabled the option of search my iPhone on your iPhone device.

These two things must do in your device so that if you lost the device you should find with the help of either android or iPhone device. To get access of your lost iPhone from the android device you have to follow the easy steps. These steps are described below that help you out in finding the lost device:

  • You can access the you iCloud by directly the website on browser.
  • Search iCloud website on the browser.
  • After opening the iCloud website get access to\find-my-iPhone.
  • Now you have to enter the Apple ID that is login on your lost iPhone.
  • The devices which are logged in with the entered Apple ID showed on the screen.
  • Click the device which belongs to you.
  • After clicking the location will show on the map.

This the simple way to get access to your iPhone through our android device. This will help you so easily that you can find all the lost I Devices through android.

Some of the cases appear that your device is switched off so by these steps you can not access your device. If you lost your phone within your house an option is there that is play sound so you can hear the sound and find it.

But if it not works so that you lost your iPhone outside your house now an option that is delete iPhone. It will delete all of your content, all of your data that is in your iPhone. This way you can find the lost iPhone or in case you can not find it you can delete all the stored data

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