How to transfer contacts to new iPhone XS, XR, XS MAX

Most of the users of android mobile phones now shifted from android to iPhone due to day-by-day advancement in technology of iPhone.

iPhone have the best specs and features that no one have in the present era. Apple company established in the year of 1976 by Steve Jobs along with his two other partners that helps him to raise his business as business partners. They started Apple from the garage of their house.

Like how large is a garage? But their work and dedication pay them off. Almost 728 million people uses iPhone and most of the people uses the iPhone. iPhone has many features that attract the users. iPhone applications include iCloud, iMovie, Apple App Store.

Many users who shifted from android to iPhone and now they are facing the difficulty to transfer their data from android to iPhone.

Because if we transfer from iPhone to iPhone, we have the option of iCloud that helps in transferring the data from one iPhone device to iPhone device. But if we have to transfer the data from android to iPhone there is difficulty because in android, we don’t have any iCloud that helps in transferring data from android to iPhone.

Launching new iPhone 2018 (XS, XR, XS MAX)

The new iPhone XS, XR and XS MAX presented at Steve Jobs Theater on September 2018. On this day Steve Jobs present three devices that are iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS MAX.

These three have the similar hardware. The major difference in these three devices are the difference in there screens that iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have the OLED display while iPhone XR has the LCD display. The second difference is that the iPhone XS have double cameras and XR has only one camera.

How transfer contacts to new iPhone

There is ease for those who are looking to shift from android to iPhone. Here is the procedure to transfer contacts:

Transfer contacts from android to iPhone XS Max in one click:

To transfer the contacts from android to iPhone XS Max you have to follow the following and easy steps that helps in transferring the contacts:

  • Download the application name dr. fone switch software and install it. Open it and click on switch option.
  • Now connect both of the android and iPhone devices with the help of cable to PC.
  • Now select the data you want to transfer between both of the devices.
  • Click the transfer button and wait until the all data transferred.

Transfer data from android to new iPhone XS MAX using move to iOS:

 If you want to transfer contact through move to iOS between android to new iPhone XS MAX you have to follow the steps that are mentioned below but it will take longer time then the steps mentioned above:

  • First you have to download move to iOS application on android.
  • Now start configure your new iPhone after connecting to wi-fi you have to select apps and data and then click move data from android.
  • Open the application on android move to iOS and click continue after agreeing the terms. After clicking continue android asked you to enter the code on your iPhone click continue and find a code. Enter the code on android.
  • The both devices sync you can import the contacts.

Transfer the contacts to new iPhone XS MAX from android through Google Accounts

For this method you have to own a google account on your android mobile. Now go to the settings of your android mobile then go to accounts and then google and then activate contacts. Now your contacts are now sync.

Now on your iPhone go to the settings of device and then accounts and passwords and select G mail and activate contacts. Now you can sync your contacts.

Transfer contacts from android to iPhone XS MAX using a sim card

You can also transfer the contacts using a sim. First the sim in your android export all the contacts in the sim and when you enter this sim in your new iPhone device you can import all the contacts and search all the contacts without any problem.

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