As it is an era of capturing photos so in respect with this many developers introduce new features related to capturing or edit face pictures. Many new filters are now available to give a beautiful touch to the photos. By using these apps you can also click the pictures and after clicking the picture you can also edit it by using various filters.

Sometimes you click the picture and the background is not so good and brightness is low at that place so after this by using different kind of apps you can change the background as well as adjust the brightness and the color of the picture to make it more beautiful. If someone doesn’t have a beard in his face he can click the picture of himself and then can grow a beard in face by editing.

Same as this many don’t like their hairs so for them the apps are available they can easily download the app and then change the hairstyle as well as color of the hair through the app. So today we will tell you about the app which is way too different from the other editing apps.

Through this wonderful app the teenager and also the younger people can see themselves how they will look when they get older. This is a magical app and the name of the app is FACEAPP.  Face app is a kind of mobile application both for Android and IOS users.

This app is developed by a Russian company which named as WIRELESS LAB. This app can change your face look i.e. from aggressiveness to smile, it can also change your gender, and you can make yourself look younger or older.

Specialty of this app is you can make yourself to look older. Many different kinds of apps are here which can travel you to the past and to the future. Like Snapchat is a very famous app recently they create the filter which can create a child version of you. 

The process is simple not much like other apps which went viral. You can simply take a picture of yourself to see the result. You don’t need to worry at all we will tell you how to use this app to look older. This app is simple to use no rocket science is needed to use this. 

How to use Faceapp:

  • First of all you need an internet connection to download this app.
  • You can simply download this from the play store as well from the Appstore. This application is available for both the android and IOS lover.
  • After the download open the Faceapp.
  • After opening, this app wants to allow access to your photos gallery and access of sending notification.
  • Now select the picture of your choice which you want to use if you don’t have a photo of yourself so you  can immediately click the new picture to do this simply turn on the camera to click new photos
  • After selection you can see the age option in your screen.
  • By tapping this your picture will start editing.
  • After few seconds your picture will be ready you can see the realistic result of this wonderful app. 
  •  Now save option will be showing on the screen you can save the picture in your gallery.
  • Moreover you can simply upload this photo directly to your social media apps like Facebook etc.
  • You can also apply the old filter twice to make the picture more comical.

Filters which Faceapp have:

Wonderful changing filters which can give a realistic edited picture of your face were here for you in this face changing app. 

Smile filter:

This filter in this app can add a smile to the face in your photo. Some people don’t smile or a smile which they do will not satisfy for them. For these this filter can help to change or add a smile to the face through your picture.

Male filter:

Through this filter you can avail the features of a male face. If you are a girl and if you want to see that how will you look if you were a boy? You can edit your picture by using this filter. 

Female filter:

This filter can provide you the features of a female. Like if you are a boy and you want to know how you will look if you were a girl? So for this you can edit your picture by using this filter.

Young filter:

by using this filter you can transform your old face with the young face through your picture. This filter is especially for the old guys. This filter can take back to them when they used to be young. 

Old filter:

this filter can change your face by making your face old. The young and most probably the children can use this filter to check how they will look if they will get older. 

Final verdict:

So this wonderful transformation app makes you crazy with exciting filters of this app. This app is easy to handle various filters in this app entertain you. You can seek pleasure by using tis app. This app went viral with the features of transformation.

Many old and young guys loves to use this app. As both the android and the IOS users can download this while many other apps are only for the android users. This app is light weighted not too much space is needed for this app.

This app uses the artificial intelligence to make cool, weird and creepy faces. This application uses your photos from your gallery to see the magical result. This app usually change your face so if you are selecting the photos for Faceapp it is recommended that select the picture in which your face is clear so that you can avail the better result by doing this. You can also directly share your amazing weird pictures which you edited through this Faceapp to your social media apps which you frequently use in your spare time.


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