Install APK on Android: How to do it and what are the risk

Install APK on Android: How to do it and what are the risk

If you are wondering on how to install Apk on android and you do not know how to do it and what can be the risk of installing Apk on android? 

You do not have to worry about anything because we have the answers of all the questions and today we will show you how you can install Apk on android and we will also discuss about the risks and everything.

APK stands for Android Application Package and this is immensely popular format of package available on android platform. It is just like you install software in your PC by clicking .exe file, similarly in android, you use apk file format to install Apk on your android device.

The best thing about this android platform is that this platform gives you freedom to do anything in your device while other operating systems do not give you much freedom compare to android. With this freedom, you can install the applications from other sites beyond the Google Play Store and you will get these application in the form of Apk to install this on your android.

You have to be alert while downloading these application from another sources because there are also many malicious applications out there which can harm your device and can spread virus in your device. This freedom advantage can be harmful for your device as well.

For your device’s security, it is not recommended for you to download applications in the form of Apk. There are millions of applications available on google play store and you can download them without any fear but downloading apps from unknown sources can be dangerous for your device because you do not know which application has virus and malicious content. 

Risk of Unknown Origins

You can easily install Apk files in your device and you can download these apk files from websites but the problem is that we do not know which website or origin is safe to download these apk files and there are so many risk in downloading and installing apk files from unknown sources.

There are many developers who create virus and put this virus in apk files so that when user download and install this apk file, his device will be infected. You cannot even know which application is infected with virus and these sources are also harmful for devices. 

There is a risk in downloading apk files from unknown sources because they can also steal your data when you visit their site and they can put virus in your device and this can harm your device properly. You should be careful about all these risk and if you want to install apk files in your device then you must visit legal and authentic websites which you can find easily on internet.

You can download any apk file easily and without any problem from good source and this will not harm your device. There are hundreds of sites available which provide you authentic and virus free apk applications so that you can download without any fear and problem. 

There are two ways to download and install application in your device. The first one is by downloading applications from official google store which is google play store. You can download all the required apps from official google play store.

The other way to download apps in your device is that you can download using apk files. You can download apk files from websites and then can install these apk file applications in your device. You need no security while downloading apk files because they are free from security check and directly install in your device. 

How to Remove Pre-Installed Apps from Device

If you want to remove any previously installed app from device, then it is very simple process to do that. There are several ways to remove apps from your device. You can remove apps by visiting settings of your device.

  • If you want to delete any app then follow the simple process.
  • First press and hold on the app you want to remove, and then you see some options.
  • If you have android version lower than Oreo 8.0 then you will see that after pressing and holding on the app, you see uninstall option on the top of your screen and you just need to drag the app to uninstall option and your app will get remove instantly from your device.
  • If you have latest android version, then after pressing and holding the app you will see some options and then you have to click on app info.
  • After that you will see app info and then uninstall option, click on it and your app will remove from your device.

There are a lot of pages on internet from where you can download apk files easily and install in your device. There are some verified and trusty repositories available on internet from where you can download apk without any fear of virus and your device be safe from all this. 

How to Install an Apk on Android?

If you want to install Apk on your android device, then there are some settings which you have to change and we will show you how you can do that and then you will be able to install apk on your device. 

  • In the first, you have to go to the settings of your android device and then you will see many options right there.
  • Scroll down and you will see an option called Security.
  • Now you will see “Unknown Resources” option in the middle of this security section. All you have to do is to check this option and then you will be able to install apk files in your device.
  • Now download any file from trusted source and after downloading, click on the apk file.
  • After that, a new screen will appear and you will see option to install. Tap on install and your application will install on your device properly.

Just remember that download apk from trusted sources to avoid any virus.

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