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Do you want to get Lottery Sambad 08.9.2020 Result? So You are on the Right here. We Publish the Daily Three time Lottery Sambad Result, First at 11:55AM, Second at 4PM and Third at 8PM. 1st Result called Sikkim State Lottery, 2nd Result called West Bengal state lottery and third Result called Nagaland State Lottery. We Publish Daily LotterySambad Update on the Right Time. Here you can check and Download Today Nagaland state, Sikkim State and West Bengal State Lottery in Image and PDF format also.

Lottery Sambad 08.9.2020 11.55 am 4pm 8pm 01 May result Nagaland State lottery

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Lottery Sambad Today

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Sikkim State lottery today result 09.09.2020 11:55AM

West Bengal State lottery today result 28.8.2020 4PM

Nagaland State lottery today result 28.8.2020 8PM

Indian people are waiting and searching daily for the best lottery sambad result. Day of a result is considered an essential part of all lottery lovers. Here the best option for all of you to have all such opportunities is by using lottery sambad for the result page. You can check all the daily updates about the result from this page. Moreover, it also allows you to download the PDF file of daily results from here.

State name Nagaland State Lotteries
Name of Lottery Dear Morning Lottery
Draw Date30 28.8.2020 ( 31 June 2020 )
Draw Fix Time 11.55am Today Morning
Category of Lottery Lottery Sambad Result Today
Result website
Results Status Available/pending
1st Prize of Award Rs- 31.31/- Lakhs

[su_box title=”What is LotterySambad?” style=”glass” box_color=”#005ed8″]Lotterysambad is India’s most famous daily lottery newspaper, which was published by L.S. in Kolkata. For a few Indians, when they talk about the Lottery, it means Sambad. The lottery sambad is just famous in 3 states of India Nagaland, Mizoram, and West Bengal.[/su_box]

[su_heading size=”35″ margin=”0″]Lottery Sambad Today Result[/su_heading]

Lotterysambad for the result page will update here daily. As you probably are aware, Sambad Lottery Draw held three times each day. So, you can check all daily outcomes here from the lotterysambad for the result page. Lottery Sambad is one of the most well-known and mainstream lotteries around the country.

As you at present know lotterysambad draw direction three times. So, you can check daily LotterySambad Result at 11:00 AM, 4:00 PM, and 8:00 PM directly here from this page. Thus, by this service, you’ll have the option to check Lotterysambad result thrice online.

You’ll have the option to get your results here on Lotterysambad for result page today’s result, Old Result, yesterday result just here on our site. Also, Sambad lottery tips additionally will tend you on this page. Moreover, we will provide you sambad lottery figure paper for the extra information as regards the Sambad lotteries.

As you perceive their square measure, a few prizes and the fortunate draw continue every day. The primary award adds up to anything over 2,500,000 Indian Rupees, which can change anybody’s life in a flash. So, LotterySambad 2020 can be one in everything about the most successful one year for you. Just buy your sticker price and look at your karma to win the Lottery. Many people try their karma consistently and attempting different methods to be following champ.

LotterySambad draws held genuinely under the State rules and guidelines. As everyone knows, meanwhile, in certain countries, lottery play permitted, and the majority of the nations forbid it. India is among those countries which permit Lottery, Indians states possess the lottery business and manage it. Also, in its different states, the lottery business is on the peak point.

Click on Links For Results To Be The Next Lucky One:

You can’t be sure whether you are lucky or not. If still, you won’t attempt your luck. Just routinely visit this site for daily updates.

Here is a finished structure for all draw timing of the Lottery is shown.

Here you can check all outcomes according to schedule updated below. So, click on the desired link to check today’s lottery sambad result.

  • Lottery Sambad for Results 11:00 AM (Morning)
  • Lottery Sambad for Results 04:00 PM (Evening)
  • Lottery Sambad for Results 08:00 PM (Night)

Tips for Winning Sambad Lottery:

An approach to Lottery gets by target numbers for the morning, evening, day and night, and Lottery structures the earlier day results. Don’t forget as a lottery is a chance of an event.

You can become a millionaire merely making a couple of tries, yet you simply put an effort yourself.Today the time has come to get some mindfulness on how to gain cash tips guess by Sikkim state sambad lotto.

This awareness is an approach to improve your search before being a part of the lottery.There will be some lucky people who will win lottery possibility, and actually, it’s exceptionally mind-blowing.

Our best recommendation for all lottery sweethearts and as lottery guider we encourage you to make this gait very carefully. Two distinct ways exist as a division of lottery results today, 2020. Thus, simply view all sambad lottery today results on this page.

Here just we are doing to accomplish something best for our players to value them. What’s more, after this, players can check their step by step samabad results.

 Download Guide for LotterySambad Result PDF File:

There is no difficulty in downloading the result pdf file from the lottery sambad for the result page.  Follow the following steps to get the result as soon as possible.

  • First of all, you have to click on the download link which is given on this page. When you clicked that, the PDF document of the lottery result will be shown on your screen.
  • At that point, name the document with the present date and time of the draw for simpler I.D. You can likewise decide to print the outcomes by tapping on the printer symbol next to the bolt.
  • You would now be able to get to every one of the outcomes disconnected.

In the meantime, old lottery results are additionally updated and uploaded all the time, so you won’t miss any of it. Just consistently visit this site for the latest updates.

You can get the Lotterysambad’s present outcome on our site. Tap on the link given already. Good Luck with your Lottery results if you are here to get your lottery result today.

Get Updated Sambad Lottery 11:55 AM Results Daily

LotterySambad is a famous lottery in India. It is one of the oldest lotteries people buy, play, and win. Sambad is the name of a newspaper. The lottery results announcement has its specific timing daily, and it is published in the Sambad newspaper.

One of the particular schedules is 11:55 AM MORNING. Almost all people from all states of India participate in it. Of course, everyone wants to try their luck, and all fanaticize to be the winner of the lottery.

Samabad Lottery 11:55 AM Results Prizes

The first prize, usually called Dear Affectionate morning is announced at 11:55 AM. The results can also be found online, and these lottery results are published three times a day.

The first is the morning timing. The first winning prize is 26 LAC Rs in the Indian currency. This is a prestigious amount that one can dream of. This amount can help someone to travel the place he/she always wish for.

SambadLottery 11:55 AM Results Schedules

Many states of India participate in it as Sikkim, Nagaland, West Bengal, Mizoram, etc. Similarly, as the lottery has its different types, the 11:55 AM Sambad lottery schedule has different names for the results announcement day.

The different lucky titles for different days are the following:

  • Friday: Dear Valuable Morning
  • Saturday: Dear Treasure Morning
  • Sunday: Dear Precious Morning
  • Monday: Dear Cherished Morning
  • Tuesday: Dear Admire Morning
  • Wednesday: Dear Respect Morning
  • Thursday: Dear Love Morning

LotterySambad draws three times a day. First, at 11;55 in the morning, second at the 4 PM, and the third timing is 8 PM. The government of India is running it for more than 52 years.

Some More Details About Sambad Lottery

However, this Sambad Lottery game saves both time and money. The person must spend only 6INRs to purchase the lottery ticket. This is one of the biggest lottery games in India, and millions of rupees are invested in it by people. The winning amount also helps the people to invest in their new business, which they were always dreaming of. It saves the winner from taking loans to initiate his/her business.

Those who win it, do not forget the date. Some start considering it their lucky time. This is an expected response because it is a life-changing event in someone’s life. The Sambad lottery provides 3 chances in a day to the person to win the lottery. This probability factor is also attractive because it is not very common in all lottery systems. If the person is lucky enough, he/she will get the winning prize of the lottery.

Get Updated LotterySambad 4 PM Result Daily

As we know that lotterySambad is a well-known lottery ticket in India. Several people purchase this lottery ticket and try their luck. However, some of them get a fruitful result and win the lottery. And in this way, they make their so many wishes to come true.

This lucky charm emitting game saves the time that you spent to makes your dream real. After winning the lottery, the winning candidate will surely be going to remember that day all over life.

The energy in the players of Sambad lottery is generally so high that many web engineers have made the sites on it. Some have propelled the internet winning indicator of this lottery.

Maybe this year is a lucky one for you. Quite possibly, that 2020 would prove itself as the lucky charm. And you may win a lottery. Yeah, lottery. The lottery is the simplest way to fulfill your wishes quickly. Lottery Sambad 2020 year may be going to be lucky one year. So, what you are waiting for. Grab your ticket now and give it a try.

Only a daily basis, there are so many lucky draws and prizes that are held all over the world. LotterySambad 4 PM result is one of them. The LotterySambad 4 PM result time has offered different customization alternatives for the cash prizes.

Names and Schedules of Lottery Sambad 4 PM Result

You can have the so many chances to avail of these cash prizes in the favored figure, hues, and sizes. The Lottery Sambad 4 PM result gives you great choices to avail of the lottery of your own choice that suits your budget. We utilize appealing plans and typefaces to make the experience with LotterySambad 4 PM result in a memorable one.

The names and various schedules of LotterySambad 4 PM are as follows:

  • For Monday, “Dear Bangalakshmi Raidak”.
  • For Tuesday, the drawing name is “Dear Bangalakshmi Torsha”.
  • For Wednesday, it is Dear Bangalakshmi Teesta”.
  • For Thursday,it is “Dear Bangashree Ichamati”.
  • For Friday, it is”Dear Bangashree Damodar”.
  • For Saturday, the lottery name is “Dear Bangabhumi Ajay”.
  • Sunday’s draw name is “Dear Bangabhumi Bhagirathi.”

Lottery Sambad 4 PM Result Prizes and Awards

Here are complete details of lucky draw for your convenience.


  • First Prize –The first prize will be 26 lacs and the award will be 1000.
  • Second Prize –The second prize will be 9000.
  • Third Prize- The third prize will be 500.
  • Fourth Prize- The fourth prize will be 250.
  • Fifth Prize-  The fifth prize will be 120.


Note that from Monday to Sunday first prize will always be of 26 lacs. It remains the same throughout the days.

The Sambad lottery gives 3 possibilities per day to the individual to win the lottery. This likelihood factor is additionally appealing because it isn’t extremely regular in all lottery frameworks. On the off chance that the individual is sufficiently fortunate, he/she will get the triumphant prize of the lottery. You may buy lottery Sambad online using the PayPal paying method.

Other Lottery Sambad Options

Like Lottery Sambad 4 PM result, there are some other lottery tickets also such as:

  1. LotterySambad 8 PM result
  2. LotterySambad 11:55 PM result
  3. LotterySambad old result

Tips to Win Lottery Sambad 4 PM Result

1. Consult Our Experts

Mention to us what you like, what we ought to dodge, and what is your budget and future needs to use. Our master guardians will guide you for the most suitable option. At the point when we facilitate you with Lottery Sambad 4 PM result, you’ll love the way it steps up your picture.

2. Download Lottery Sambad Applications

Stay tuned with LotterySambad 4 PM result. For more details, download now the Lottery Sambad 4 PM result.The individuals who are standard clients of LotterySambad. They can download and introduce lotterySambad applications on their cell phones. Get read lottery Sambad Newspaper with us.

How to Check Lottery Sambad 4 PM Result?

  • For downloading and viewing the LotterySambad 4 PM result online, click on the connection.
  • There is an online PDF of LotterySambad 4:00 PM result.
  • Open the result and find that either your luck is going well or not.
  • Check Lottery Sambad Result 4:00 PM every day as we update results daily.

As you now, lotterySambad result draw held multiple times a draw once at 11:55 AM second time 4 PM and third Time 8 PM. So, you can check various times LotterySambad results on the web. You can check Lottery Sambad Result 3 Times a day, click on the given beneath joins.

For more information about the lottery Sambad result, you can quickly get in touch with us through submitting the contact structure that has been given to you. Suggest us, we progressively make specialized enhancements concerning the site.

Get Latest Lottery Sambad 8 Pm Results

Lottery Sambad is a lottery agency in Kolkata where people buy lotteries and earn cash based on the consequence. LotterySambad is considered to be one of the standard lotteries in contrast to the other lotteries in the market.

Everyone who is a lottery fan prefers this lottery and participates in it mostly. The honest coverage and the idea of their lottery have attracted plenty of prospects regularly.

How to increase chances for winning Sambad Lottery?

Before a lottery first, decide which method and criteria you want to go for. Make your decision properly before selecting for Lottery Sambad. It is better if the players play more than one draw. It increases the probability of winning with all these criteria.

Sambad Lottery Results

It is a great way to get money and it’s cool when a contestant has more than one choice or tracking method. You have really good choices when it comes to lotterySambad Today Result. LotterySambad Results are announced three times. The timings of announcing the result are:


  • Morning Result (11:55 AM)
  • Evening (4 PM)
  • Night (8 PM)


Sambad Lottery Result Weekly Schedules

The official 08:00 PM draw Schedule and names are:


  • Friday Dear Ostrich Evening
  • Thursday Dear Hawk Evening
  • Wednesday Dear Flamingo Evening
  • Tuesday Dear Parrot Evening
  • Monday Dear Eagle Evening
  • Sunday Dear Falcon Evening
  • Saturday Dear Vulture Evening


You can also check “Lottery Sambad Result 8:00 PM” daily if you are very curious about it. Many pages will show the results very frequently. They keep updating the results for the contestants to make it easier for them to follow the lottery.

Formats of LotterySambad 8 PM Result

For checking up the results of the lottery you can go top different pages. Everyone loves the fact that Lottery Sambad Results come in different formats like;

  • PDF
  • BDF
  • PNG
  • JPG

This is super easy because you can check these files in a way that is convenient for you. If one format doesn’t work for you, you can always download and check on the other format. This is also the reason people go for Sambad Lottery instead of any other.

Visit Websites for Regular Updates

The updates are being made quickly, that’s why it is advised to stay connected and keep the track of your winnings at all times. You can also subscribe to the pages or install the lottery Sambad app available onthe Play Store to get updates of the 8 pm result.

Best Time to Check For Lottery Sambad Result

We are sure you know that Lottery Sambad Night Result Updates on many pages at night. The timing is for the night is set at 8 pm. This is the official timing given by the Sambad lottery. Keep checking your daily lottery ticket result to keep track of the results and your winnings. If you have issues and want to get more information about this just stay connected and keep visiting the pages. You can also seek help from the same pages.

How to Get the Latest LotterySambad Result Updates Instantly?

If you want to be the first one to get the information, then remember to be active andrefreshing the websites. They will give you way more information than anyone else. There is nothing but the latest information and news about lotteries.

From new lotteries to the latest and old results of the lotteries,LotterySambad updatesthe results about three or four times. It happens daily at the time we have mentioned above. You can also ask for help from other people or the pages if you have any query related to looking for lotterysambad results at 8 pm.

Practices and Tips to Master Lottery Sambad

This is a magical game that makes people’s dreams come true. Here we are going to tell you about the master methods that will be helpful for the players to win and become an expert in winning Sambad lottery especially.

Keep these things in the mind when you play a lottery as this is what winners mostly do:

  1. Players have an idea of how digits and numbers work
  2. Better playing story helps
  3. Use of different policies and strategies
  4. Keeping in mind today’s numbers seem to work a lot
  5. Comparison of old and latest drawing balls

This will help a lot of people and people can get a lot from these techniques. But you need to stay connected as much as you can and be patient.

There is also another important point that if you do not have enough time to check the current draw or be updated, then you can surely check the results when you are free or get some time. Anyhow, stay connected and enjoy Today Lottery Sambad Result 8:00 PM winnings.

Lottery Sambad Old Results

Mostly, in a lot of countries lottery draws and results announcements are banned. This is done mostly due to a player’s misbehavior. Players try to scam and earn money by using short ways which are cheating.

In the lottery, the players have no permission to play through cheating. There can be no use of any wrong strategies. This can be the case of banning the results or draws completely that’s why people cannot find out about the results but you can always look for old results later on.

LotterySambad Old Results Types and Schedule

There are many old results of Lottery Sambad with all the draws which were published. You can find every single point of strategy and policies of lottery competitions that are available. Go to a lotterysambad page and look for lottery Sambad old results. Results are being announced regularly of new draws as well as old ones.

For the last old results there are:

  • Dear Sikkim State Morning 11:55 AM Lottery Old Result
  • Dear West Bengal Day 4:00 PM Lottery Old Result
  • Dear Nagaland State Evening 8:00 PM Lottery Old Result

How To Check Lottery Sambad Old Results

You can find all three bumper old papers lottery sambad of different states on their sites or pages. Most of the time the searching of old lotterySambad Result is difficult for some players due to participants who play daily. They play the whole three draws lotterysambad when they require to search the previous results. Later on, they face issues and then here a separate part of old results is announced.

Other than just clicking on the site link, the players need to do one more thing which is to enter the following things:

  1. The exact date of lottery draw holding
  2. The time of announced lottery result
  3. The day of the announcement of lottery competition

All you have to do is enter all this information in a search bar. This will directly give you the result. For instance, you can enter this pattern like:

Lottery sambad night 8 pm result 2020

This will get you your desired lottery sambad result. You must try this technique and get your lottery sambad old result as soon as possible.

Tips and Tricks to Win Lottery Sambad Old Results

In this section, we are going to guide you about the tricks and tips that you can follow to earn money through old lottery results. We keep receiving so many emails and messages in which you guys ask us to write about it. We have got all the information you need about today’s old result of different draws.

1. Check Morning Result

Morning lottery sambad old result is important for players who do not have the time or get busy in other work when the result is announced. That is the reason why they later visit morning result and get it. If a player does not check the morning result, then they cannot properly participate in the evening competition.

2. Try Evening Result

You can also get the evening old result. Before playing the night lottery sambad prediction game, the players should always click on the old evening result and check the result. You can pick a lot of magic tricks from the result and use them in your next lottery competition.

As the night lottery is the last chance for you to win lottery bumper offers you need to give each and everything you’ve got. You need to play very smartly. Most of the users do not apply previous tips and tricks and end up wasting all their money.

The more you will follow old pointers, the more chances you will have of increasing your chances of winning. To do all this you need to use the tricks and tips mentioned in the old lottery results.

Don’t just sit around and try out your luck today!

Many people go for lotteries to have fun and legal betting game which is played all over the world. In this game, you get a chance to win millions through buying tickets. This idea is loved by hundreds and thousands of people every month. It is one of the easiest yet riskiest methods of income cash or testing luck. Nowadays, many lottery corporations are working with completely different ideas. In this sea of lottery games, Sambad Lottery is one of the premiers.

Lottery sambad is a lottery agency which is based in Kolkata. It allows people to buy lotteries and earn cash based on the consequence. Lottery sambad is considered to be one of the standard lotteries in contrast to the other lotteries in the market. It is liked by everyone who is a lottery fan and participates in most of the lotteries. The honest coverage and the idea of their lottery have attracted plenty of prospects regularly.

Just in case you have any doubts remember that winning a lottery from Lottery Sambad can turn your life around. The results are announced everywhere and you get amazing and exciting chances to win. Through this, you can make a lot on these draws and change your life forever.

Now, you must be thinking “how does it work?”

You can enter this lottery very easily. First, you will have to make it work by selecting numbers. You have to pick your lucky numbers and those numbers can be anything. In this time, your lucky number will help you to cash it out! So think of your luckiest number.

After you have successfully come out with some lucky numbers, then you will have to enter the Lotto Sambad draw. People say that the most exciting part is the draw and for the next phase, you will have to wait. You might get anxious and the time could be difficult to pass but you won’t have to wait too long. You need to be patient and keep in mind that the results of the lottery are announced a lot of times so you will have the time to easily match your lucky numbers from the draw.

Results of the Lottery Sambad

Lottery Sambad is a fun and exciting lotteryand it is also one of the first lotteries to play the results many times in one day. Lottery Sambad Results are announced three times. The timings of announcing the result are:

  • 11 AM
  • 4 PM
  • 8 PM

Whenever the draw is held, the results are always revealed to the public at these times more than once in one day. This makes it very easy to check the results at least for Sambad lottery.

What does the Lottery Sambad offer?

This increases your chances of winning and having experience of a changed life. This is oneof the most famous Nagaland State Lotteries and you have a good chance of winning a lot of money. This lottery is different and offers a lot more than any other small lotteries. Just leave the worries of the past behind, and play the Lottery Sambad right away! You can also get the night results of Lottery Sambad.

Checking Results

To check up the results of the draws of the lottery, you can go top different websites. Everyone loves the fact that Lottery Sambad Results come in different formats like;

  • PDF
  • BDF
  • PNG
  • JPG

It makes it super easy because then you can check these files in a way that is convenient for you.If one format doesn’t work for you, you can always download and check on the other format.

Sambad Lottery Old Results

Finding the latest results like Lottery Sambad 2020 results is quite easy compared to the past results. However, it is not impossible. You can simply enter the time and the date for which you entered the draw and press enter. The results will appear in front of you and then you can simply check if you won the draw. Testing your luck can be risky but if you shoot at the right place you get more than you wanted so be patient and keep thinking about the reward.

Lottery Sambad 2020 results are also running every day. You can participate in them very easily too. So, what more are you waiting for? All you have to do is participate in the lottery and experience the change in your life from winning the hundreds and millions of cash you are trying to get.

Once you get that reward of putting so much time and patience into it, you should also consider cashing your wins quickly, or at least take care of it. Try to put it somewhere where the scammers cannot take your winnings from you.

Nowadays people look for ways to earn more and more money by going on to new things like the lottery. Some people play small games and earn a small amount of money. Gambling is thought to be hard at times but Sambad Lottery is one of the easiest ways for them to earn money without any hard work and in simple ways. However, the rules should be kept in mind carefully before playing the game and claiming their money. To take extra precautions, you can read the laws governed by the State.

So, Come on’ and test your luck!

Participating in the Lottery Sambad is very simple, better and more fun. Just pick your lucky numbers and enter the draw. Then keep your fingers crossed for the result day. Keep checking the results and surely one day you will get all that cash you have ever wanted.

Lottery Sambad is one of the top and greatest lotteries out there for you. You can get so much out of it without putting a lot of effort. Don’t waste any more time and buy your ticket right now and try to test your luck through this amazing lottery. Get many prizes and cash lucky through the draws held daily.

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[su_spoiler title=”Is Sambad Lottery legal or not?” style=”fancy”]The Constitution of India says that each state could make its Lottery and betting laws constrained uniquely to the particular region. As you know, some state governments recognize and even support lotteries. In this manner, lotteries are prohibited in individual states while they are lawful in others.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”How to download the result?” style=”fancy”]Just click on the download link, and in this way, the record can precisely spare to your P.C., laptops, or mobile. You’ll have the option to together check the lottery sambad result online on our PDF Viewer.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”How can I check relevant information about Sambad Lottery?” style=”fancy”]The excitement in the players of Sambad lottery is so high that many web developers have developed the websites for the players. Some have launched the online winning predictor of this lottery. You can use all these tools to get appropriate information and check your winning chances.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Can I purchase online tickets for Sambad Lottery?” style=”fancy”]The tickets can be purchased online by using the PayPal paying method or any other available payment method.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”What will happen if the winner did not get the amount?” style=”fancy”]If the winner is not given the amount of the lottery prize due to any mismanagement, then he/she can get this by submitting the claim form. The winner should sign the back of the winning ticket with the postal address/home. So, in case the ticket is lost, any other person cannot claim it.[/su_spoiler]

[su_heading size=”35″ margin=”0″]Conclusion:[/su_heading]

[su_note]Our website gives the updated results of the Sambad Lottery. Each state of India has its laws related to the online lottery. However, most of the Indian states acknowledged this letter, and thus the lottery session is conducted daily.One who wants to try the luck or believe in his/her luck should try this at least once. People choose the sambad lottery system because it is one of the oldest and trustworthy lottery systems in all states of India. It is unlike the other lotteries; that’s why the number of lottery tickets is sold out daily. Lotteries are random. The chances of winning a lottery are shifted every single time you participate. So, keep in mind that that the old draw of yours which you didn’t check, could be your ticket to winning money worth a million rupee in cash. Go to the ‘Old Results’ page quick on any sambad lottery and check to see if your old numbers are there. Your luck can evolve. But if it doesn’t happen, don’t lose hope. Lottery Sambad is for everyone and there will be a time when you will do better. Don’t give up and remember that you are going to be a winner too! Play with the numbers and let them change your life and get you the success you are looking for. Play the lottery Sambad using the tips and tricks of old results and make the most out of everything.[/su_note]


Lottery Sambad Review Free
  • Lottery Sambad Result
  • Sikkim State Lottery
  • West Bengal Lottery
  • Nagaland State Lottery

Lottery Sambad

Lottery Sambad Result Today 11AM, 4PM, 8PM in pdf download free here. Nagaland state lottery result available in this result page. LotterySambad Result Available dilay in three time. Win your Lottery Today and Make your Feature. Best of LUCK.