Steps To Move Apps Into SD Card in 8 Steps

Steps to move apps into SD card in 8 steps

Billions of people use Smartphones in their daily routines. Smartphones are of many types like many smartphones have different kind of specification, different versions, different RAM, different storage etc. If we see the storage capacity of different smartphones we can able to get different kind of storage capacities because every phone has a different kind of storage plan for the user.

It all depends on the user that how much storage a user wants in the smartphone. Like it’s a modern era many apps were heavy in space not every smartphone handle these heavily updated apps. The entire download and the other things stored in the internal storage of the phone.

Many people love to capture the moments of their life in a camera so that they can store these moments for that purpose they don’t want to lose these photos. Usually smartphones have 8, 16 and 32 GB of space for storage but many have 128 GB space as well.

Usually if we see the figures we can able to know that many users have 8 to 16 GB space in their smartphones because if the user want the high GB space phone so for that the user have to pay more to buy this. But for those users we can tell them how they can free up the internal space of their phone. Their phones lack shortage of space due to the heavy apps.

SD card is used by many users to solve the problem of shortage of space. Yes SD card can help you to get some storage in phone but still the users facing difficulties because their phones were continuously pop up with the notification that your phone is out of storage delete some stuff to make space for upcoming things. So we are now telling you a secret which many people don’t know. So we can tell this to you in just 8 easy steps that how you can move apps to SD card. 

Micro SD Card:

Insert a SD card in your smartphone is a very good way of expanding the storage. As all you know that SD card is small in size but don’t forget this small SD card can hold a lot of data in itself. SD cards are available in different GBs in the market like it usually start from 2 GB and it can goes to 128 GB memory. But in between this the users can avail 4 GB, 8 GB, 16GB, 32 GB, 64 GB SD cards which they can insert in their smartphones to overcome the shortage of space.

The good thing is that all SD cards are for sale if somebody wants to buy this card HE\SHE can buy this from the market easily. Many buy the SD card according to the capacity of their phone. Keep in mind that micro SD cards are slow in use. The SD card will be inserted in the specific place in the phone. 

You can also use SD card as internal storage. To use SD card as internal storage you have to follow simple procedure. 

  • Open the setting and then open storage.
  • After opening the storage setting select the format as internal.


This step will erase all your data from your card so make sure that you save the data first and then do this process.

How to move apps to an SD card

  • Firstly pick up your smartphone and then go to setting.
  • Now look for the APP, click the app and you will see the menu, this menu will immediately tell you how much space each app occupy.
  • If you see the MB stunner then press it.
  • Now click on the app which you want to move. 
  • After this you will see the option of MOVE TO SD CARD.
  • Click on this option.
  • After this your app will start to move towards SD card.
  • Now your app moved to SD card. Some space will be free from internal storage.

You can also reverse this process. If you want to get back your app from the SD card you can easily do this. But the important thing to note is that not all apps can be moved usually the game app easily moved to SD card but some don’t and if you try to do this you will not see any option of move after opening the app from the setting. You cannot move all the apps at a same time. You will have to move one by one from internal storage to SD card to cash out some space in the internal storage. Users of Android 9.0 Pie, 8.0 Oreo, and 7.0 Nougat can also move the apps to the SD card by following the same way. 

Final verdict:

So that is how you are able to know how you can easily move apps from internal storage to SD card. After reading the procedure of moving the apps you can understand that how easy is to move apps to SD card. Through this those who faced the challenge of shortage of space in their smartphones can free up a lot space from the internal storage.

The users which have less internal space in their smartphone whether they have 8 or 16 GB can get much information through this. As it is a problem of thousands of people but not all know this secret of moving the apps into the micro SD card. As all of us keep in mind that micro SD card is slow in process.

Usually we see that many smartphones were only capable of accepting maximum 64 GB memory card but as it’s a modern era of technology many smartphones are now available in the market which can accept the SD card of 1TB storage which is way too much.

If you have a lot of space in your device you can click unlimited pictures and can download the Music and the video of your choice moreover you can also install many heavy games in your smartphone to entertain your self.


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