What is dark web?

Dark web might be a thing for few people who have no particular idea about it. Might be they never have a background knowledge of this part of the internet. Well, there is a long concept behind the dark web and there are a lot of things being associated with it. Not only dark, but the deep and the surface web are also the part of the internet. In this article we shall be discussing all the things about the dark web, knowing about its purposes and what actually happens inside.

Dark web

Before introducing everyone to the dark web, we shall like to talk about the first two parts of the web. First we have the surface web which comprises of only the 4% part of the whole web. The social media platform, popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Safari etc are a part of it as well as all the other websites which everyone is able to access them easily. Hence, this part of the web is always in the access of every person without using any specific browser or VPN. The second part of the web is the deep web which is accessible by the organizations and army. Thus part includes some very important secret information and databases which are not supposed to be known by the local citizens. 

Lastly, we come up with the dark web which is the third and last part of the internet. It contains very strange URLs as the regular domain names do not exist here. The .onion type of addresses are used to access the websites. This portion contains the illegal practices such as the trade of weapons, child pornography, abuse and drug dealings. This is the most fierce and absolutely scary part of the internet and is mostly used by psychologically sick people or the criminals. But, as everything has some positive aspects as well, it also have some key benefits for particular people. This browser is inaccessible through the local search engines that is why the Tor browser is used to get into the dark web. Here we go with the wide range of facts about the dark web.

Dark web business

There is a detailed information about everything which happens in the dark web. There are a lot of businesses which are running. Let us have a look on those business.

Black market

Silk road is a web shop in the dark web which is the largest source to purchase all those things which are not available on the surface web. These objects could be the weapons, any type of drugs and every single thing which one could want. Dark web is the source of business for all such types of people who want to sell illegal things. The black market of dark web is absolutely a source of income for many criminals.


This is a whole big network of the infected devices which contain the virus. These types of devices are operated and controlled by the hackers who want to hack different devices and get its data to use for their own purpose. These hackers steal the personal information of many people and thus, fulfill their purposes.

Dangerous sites

Some websites are quite dangerous on dark web. In fact, all the websites are quite very dangerous. You never know where you are heading towards and what these websites really contain. These horrible websites contain the child pornography videos, animal and human abuse and so many sensitive things. In short, there is so much disturbing stuff on these websites as well as the hackers. Those hackers made sure to hack all of your personal information when you just visit that website. These hackers then further use the information either to blackmail the visitors to get their personal interests or to do some other task.


The simple most way to pay for the product at dark web is the bitcoin. Through the block chain, the people can pay for the objects they want to buy. All the dealings are done in cryptocurrency rather than using the cash. They just keep going with that type of currency to buy things.

Anonymous communication

This feature is used by the journalist or the whistleblowers to find out the information and exchange it. This helps them get the sources and data which they secretly need.

How to get into the dark web

To get access of the dark web you may use 2 sources

Tor browser

This browser is an alternate to the other browsers which are not helpful in accessing the dark web. People can use this browser and get straight into the dark web. They may open it and then further visit the .onion websites to get their relevant things done. 


One must be completely secured while surfing the dark web that is why a good VPN is also recommended to the people. They may download a good VPN so that their IP address and all the personal information is secured. Nobody could afford to get their any details leaked especially the criminals who have their whole business on the dark web. That is why a VPN ensures the security of the user.


This is a search engine which can be used to visit dark web in the tor browser. The basic specifically of this search engine, it cannot collect any information of the user. Thus they can freely use the dark web.


One must have a good anti virus and anti malware software to access the dark web ti stay safe and protected. Before getting into this web, one must use these precautionary measures.

Dark web illegal or legal?

Using dark web is legal in a few countries and visiting it does not cause much issues but purchasing the stuff definitely does. In some countries it is strictly prohibited to visit the dark web and it is labelled as a big crime to violate the laws created by the authorities regarding the dark web.


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