Most among you don’t know what screen overlay is.  Many are aware of this and they may be getting through this problem. As we are in the modern era of technology so we can see that how many versions of android are available now for us. Many among us have expensive and latest phones so in these latest phones you will not face this problem.

But if you have a low version android device then you are facing this problem or you may challenge this problem in future. So if your phones haven’t this problem then you are lucky but if your phones have then this problem will annoy you but you don’t have to panic yourself with this problem we are here to tell you how you can solve this problem but first of all let us tell you what exactly the screen overlay is.

What is the screen overlay?

It is some kind of a permission that allows some apps to be shown over other applications. It can be a special kind of permission that can annoy you. Usually these problems were notice in the previous versions of android. 

How is the problem eliminated?

First of all you have to identify the apps that are placed over another app and then delete it because this is the simplest way to eliminate this problem from the device. This is necessary because if you do this your device will come back into the normal condition. If you don’t want to delete the apps then follow these steps:

  • Go to the setting of your device
  • Click on application and then open the application manager 
  • Now click  on the right three points 
  • Now access the management of the screen overlay. 

By following these steps you can able to disable it and as well as you can also manage the permissions of all apps that have it.  So this is how you can handle this annoying problem. If this process will not work then ready yourself to delete the app because this is the way you can remove the problem from your phone.

If you don’t delete the app then you will not able to use to app correctly. This is the effective way to put to end this screen overlay problem in your phone. 

So the different ways to eliminate this annoying problem mentioned above now it’s all depend on you which you select. Screen overlay can disturb you while using the apps because in this one app is shown on the other. If you don’t have this problem we can say that you are very lucky but mostly lower version of android devices are facing this challenge. Don’t be worry we give all the possible solutions to handle this problem.

We suggest those users who were not victimized with this problem that we hope you don’t face this problem in future if you will then don’t forget these fastest and effective ways to get rid from this problem. 



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