What is WhatsApp?

There are so many so many social media platforms which connects the people around world and people love to use these platforms because of their friendly user interface. Now I’m going to discuss one of the most popular social media platform which is WhatsApp.

It has billions of users around the globe because they gave best service to their users and it has great speed. This is the most amazing and trending application in the market right now.

Basically it is online messenger application with so many awesome features user not only can send messages but also can send voice notes, pictures and videos. User can do voice call and can do video call as well. User can share his/her location to anyone and this app also allows to send document or even music to their friends.

Both android and IOS users can download this application even user can run this app on their desktop. There are so many options in this application which allows the user better experience. User can see the status of their friends and family. It also allows the user to mute the notification of any chat or group chat. Surely this application has so many amazing features that’s why it has so many users worldwide.

Dark mode

WhatsApp has two themes first one is light mode and the second one is dark mode. When it was first launched, there was only one theme but after certain updates WhatsApp introduced its second theme which is dark mode. Aim to provide best services to its users because in the night the light mode looks too bright. But now dark mode gave relief to its users.

Dark mode looks very nice in appearance because as compare to light mode it gives comfort to eyes. No doubt that the developers of this app have made it great. Light mode can damage the eyes because of sharp contrast that’s why dark mode was much needed by the users.

How to active dark mode on android

Dark mode is a great feature of WhatsApp and now I will show you how to active this mode on android phone. 

  • First of all, user need to update WhatsApp to the latest version.
  • After updating open the application and go to the WhatsApp settings.
  • In settings you will see chat option.
  • After that click on it and you will see an option called ‘’Theme”.
  • Click on theme and you will two themes first one is light and second one is dark so click on dark theme and WhatsApp will convert in dark theme.

How to active dark mode on IOS

To activate dark mode in IOS devices is not very difficult. You need to follow these simple steps.

  • First of all, your IOS devices must be updated to IOS 13.
  • After that go to control panel of your IOS device and there you will see an option of dark mode.
  • Unable dark mode and open the WhatsApp and you will see that your WhatsApp theme will be dark.
  • Remember that your WhatsApp will remain in dark mode unless you change your device theme dark to light. 

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