Why Facebook never made an android phone?

Who does not know about the Facebook? This is the most popular social media platform which has a billion of users. There are a lot of specifications of Facebook which make it one of the best social media application. It allowed people get connected with each other from the longer distance.

Its features kept growing and one by one, it introduced a number of features as well as a very useful messenger of its own. That messenger has more features similar like WhatsApp to connect with the friends and family.

These features are video and audio call, text messages, stickers and sharing different types of media. Both Facebook and messenger has been the top most used social media applications and it does contain countless accounts being created on it. Thousands of accounts are created every day at this platform.

There is so much exciting and interesting to know about Facebook and thus, so many questions pop up into the minds of people regarding Facebook and its other developments. There could be a lot of inventions by Facebook which never happened and an android phone is one of them. 

Facebook made no android phone, why?

The biggest question which arises in the mind of millions of people is that why Facebook never made an android phone while it was android smartphone users which mostly downloaded Facebook application.

It is not like that it never ever happened. It did happen but in 2013 when the founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg created an android smartphone in collaboration with HTC home. This smartphone had no convincing features so that people could buy it while rejecting other smartphones by Samsung and Apple.

People had a very easy way to make a choice and HTC phone was never their choice in this case. It was a modified android version and it was expected as well that soon, Facebook will be releasing a brand new smartphone of its own. After this apparently successful invention, people had high hopes with Facebook but things did not turn out as expected. 

The building 8 of Facebook was the area where all the experimentation’s and discoveries had been done. An attempt to create one brand new smartphone was secretly continued since 2015. With the advancement of time, the employees working there released that it is not possible to release a good smartphone by Facebook.

As per the CNBC report, there had also been a research that many social medium had always been unsuccessful in releasing any type of hardware devices.

It was impossible and an extremely failed attempt to create an android smartphone by Facebook. After the completion of all the research and experimentation’s, the whole company and the people who invested in came to know that it won’t be ever possible to get a good android smartphone launched.

Of course the employees were given higher wages and even better investments to research properly and work on such a complicated thing, but the results were not satisfactory. When the secret department was visited by the authorities, they marked the employees and the created hardware product as a hatch-ling.

Even the employees did not seem to be that much capable 3 of designing such android smartphone under the banner of Facebook. 

Mark Zuckerberg’s Explanation 

After all this failure, Mark Zuckerberg decided to never launch any android smartphone ever. He had a clear and very logical explanation for his stance in which he mentioned that they are never going to launch any smartphone ever.

The reason behind is, they know that not so many people would be purchasing such smartphone when there are so successful and already existing companies are doing a great job in creating new phone.

Their investment and all of the hard work would be definitely going into waste but the question is, why Mark Zuckerberg did not realize this thing before? Anyways, he just claimed that it was never going to be of use and he clearly knows that the new phones released by Facebook won’t be much appreciated when Samsung and Apple are in the ground already.

There could be a lot of reasons too as one of them is the failure of that research and invention. Of course it was going to create a huge loss for the Facebook and its revenue. So, the loss of money basically stopped Facebook from launching a brand new android smartphone. 

Final Verdict 

Thus the Facebook cancelled out its plan to release a new smartphone as per the loss they faced. By the end of the 2018, the building 8 had been completely demolished. There was no success in this invention at all while the investment done turned out to be wasted completely.

The employees who failed badly at this experiment were shifted to the other departments so that they could research about the other useful things. There was no good results at the end of this research and finally, Facebook admitted to not being able to release an android smartphone plus, they announced that they will never be releasing one ever.

The Cambridge Analytica Scandal was also a part of Facebook which caused huge damage to the revenue as well as the reputation. At the end of 2018, this incident happened and the Facebook was charged with highest fine.

Such things were enough to confirm and convince people that it was not a piece of cake for Facebook to deal with the things it is not supposed to. The HTC smartphone which was created in collaboration with Facebook also flopped poorly because it was termed as very expensive with only a limited and general features.

Its design was also not of that quality and that is why people were not happy with the release of that phone as well. That is how the Facebook had decided that there will be no possibility of the release of any android smartphone ever. 

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