You can make money with your wordpress blog this way

By reading the main heading many of us thinking about what is word press? How does it work? Is this difficult to use? Is this the safe site to make money? How can we make money from this website? Hold on in this article you can have all the answers of your questions.

First of all, what is word press? WordPress is one of the simplest and also the popular way to create website and blog. It helps all those people who wants to make a website or a blog.

Word press is the solution to all the problems. Word press almost covers 32.5% of all the websites and blogs on the internet at the present date. People who always dreaming about being millionaire by online writing. So here is the opportunity to make money by blogging, web siting.

Most of the people use word press and make their own pocket money through blogging and websites. If you have more visitors to your blog you earn more money. So, this not wrong to say that visitors directly proportion to you earning true? Yes, it is true.

AdSense Banners:

One of the best, easiest and most importantly accessible way to blogging and earning is that you can add google AdSense banners to your blog. You just have to create account on google AdSense and start creating Banners. Most of the persons wants the leaderboard position of the AdSense. It presents on the theme. The AdSense Banners on Howtopit provides few euros every month.

Premium or Hosted Banners:

The banners or blogs you can sell by yourself is referred as premium or hosted banners. Word press have the all kinds of all plugin the host the banners e.g. AdRotate, AdManager. Now-a-days the majority themes have special widgets.

Advertorials and Sponsored Articles:

The blogs that comes under advertorial, many parties looking for these. Because these articles help to advertise your own products, articles or own company. You may choose the writer or you can write by your own. But you have to make sure not to use terms like sponsor, promoted or advertorial. Because google is strictly ban these words. Instead of these words you can use the word collaboration.

Affiliate Marketing:

The link that helps you in making money is called affiliate marketing. Most or some web shops have their own affiliate marketing. For example, if you can sign up on that is an affiliated market. A customer buys a book now you only get the purchase amount of the book. You also can write extra article that will helps you to earn more. But this is extra works.


When you win a promotion, it will yield a lot. You can also word for organization and provide them the article you write it may help you to earn the specific amount. On this website you found the best collection of readable articles.

Shop, report and review:

Most of us read beauty blogs, fashion blogs. These blogs are written so good and also the honest review about the products. These honest reviews about the beauty products and the fashion related things that helps the article writer and the blog reader too.

Paid content on your own shop:

Most of the people who are experience experts said that you can earn more on your own products. You have to promote things on your blogs. The online shopping linking to your website earns more. Because you already link payment option to your website. It also registered in chamber of commerce.


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